DeWalt - DW359 Circular Saw - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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DW359 Circular Saw

DeWalt - DW359 Circular Saw

This circular saw from DeWalt is powerful and easy to use, especially for people with big hands who like big handles

$140.00 (As of 9/1/2001)

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Editor's Review: Selecting a Circular Saw

review date: September 1, 2001

This circular saw is comfortable, powerful, and easy to use, especially for people with big hands who like big handles. The blade-guard retraction lever is long, but it takes big hands to hold the blade guard open and to depress the spindle lock while changing blades. The bevel lock is small and prone to creeping as it is being tightened. The bevel adjustment knob is harder to operate than a lever, especially with gloves on. The baseplate of the saw we tested came out of the box with a slight fore and aft bend, which seemed to get worse over a month's use, although the bend didn't seem to affect the saw's cutting ability.

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Editor Test Results:

Overall Rating N/A
Ergonomics Very good
Sightlines N/A
Depth and Bevel Adjustments Fair
Base and Blade Guard Fair (base); good (blade guard)

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer DeWalt
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-433-9258
Weight 10.9 lb.
Dimensions N/A
Blade Size 7-1/4 in.
Max Depth of Cut (90/45 degrees) 2-1/2 in. at 90 degrees; 1-15/16 in. at 45 degrees
Amps 15
Corded/Cordless Corded
Bevel Range Up to 50 degrees
Speed 5,500 rpm
Type Sidewinder

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