DeWalt - DW987 Cordless Drill - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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DW987 Cordless Drill

DeWalt - DW987 Cordless Drill

This workhorse 18v cordless drill from DeWalt offers three torque settings

$270.00 (As of 3/1/2003)

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User Reviews

Our crews use a variety of cordless drills and each has its own set of virtues and vices. FHB cursory review mentions the 3-speed range gearbox. This makes for a big difference in performance compared to all other 18v cordless drills. We make penetrations into 1-1/8 subflooring stucco over plywood with hole cutters up to 6-1/4" diameter and the middle speed and torque range is perfect. We use the new Blue Boar TCT hole cutters which make it easy to cut a hole 3 times as large. All li-ion powered drills can overload and then go into shutdown mode (especially the Hitachi) and Milwaukee. We have the least problems with the XRP DeWalts as we can set the best speed and torque load for the bit we are using. Using a modern TCT hole cutter we cut holes ten times faster and three times as large and get a lot more holes per battery charge. The larger batteries on the XRP drills add weight but they also add more power. One problem with the DeWalt drills is their chuck will jam when new and I need to use channel pliers to loosen it until it is broken in. Better than having a chuck that slips with twist drill bits like the Hitachi chucks or loosen with vibration like the Milwaukee ones.

Brilliant Drill i use it for everything. Its heavy but that is expected. I have it 3 years now I use it for everything 1000s of screws, hole saws, driving coach bolts, and all my drilling tasks. the only problem i've had, the batteries have given up after 3 years work this is expected as I use this drill everday and I nearly charge each of the 3 batteries 4 times a day now. Brilliant drill 5 stars without a doubt.

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