Festool - Cleantec (CT) 33 Shop Vacuum - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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Cleantec (CT) 33 Shop Vacuum

Festool - Cleantec (CT) 33 Shop Vacuum

Festool's 10-gallon shop vacuum features an antistatic hose and a separate water container for wet pickup

$500.00 (As of 7/1/2007)

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Festool rocks! I don't have this vacuum but I have it's little brother the ct22. These machines are great and I use them for almost all of my operations to keep the dust down in my small shop. The platform has some features that would make most people say, "huh?". "Who needs a variable speed vacuum?", when I am sanding solid surface it is very helpful to turn down the suction because the tool draws down and causes fish hooks. With the ability to control the ammount of cfm I can tune the tool with the vacuum. Another benefit is that when working 200' from a power source and using all that cord to power a saw and a vacuum at full power I have tripped a breaker or two. With the ability to reduce my power draw I can still make cuts almost dust free. The bag system is nice and easy enough to change. They have availible a "forever" bag availible that is rated for three microns but they suggest that you don't use it for small paricle uses like sanding.(I use it for all tasks). Antistatic hose, very nice for sanding small particulate. Optional hose garage that is integrated on the top that doubles as a place to set tools and has the ability to recieve any of the Festools "systainers"(most of Festool tools come in a hard case box called a systainer) give this vacuum platform awsome mobility with other tools stowed as well. I was tasked with installing casework in a huge industrial building and with the ct22 as a base for my tools I stacked and lock my systainers in place and made one trip acrossed the plant with all my equipment.

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