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EC12 Air Compressor

Hitachi - EC12 Air Compressor

Hitachi's twin-tank compressor features a cast-iron sleeve and ball-bearing components

$215.00 (As of 4/1/2006)

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User Reviews

I guess I must have got a good one. After reading the other reviews I had to think about the last ten years and I liked mine. It started below zero, kept up with the guns and did what we asked of it. It was loud and the gauges weren't easy to use but if the top tank hadn't rusted out, I'd still be using it.

I owned this unit from 1996 to 2010. I used it for paint sprayers, finish and staple nailers, small grinders, and airing up my tires. It was loud as hell, slow to recharge, and would frequently overheat even with regular oil changes. The regulator was difficult to reset accurately and I needed to bleed off the nailer to get the regulator to recharge the line to full power again. It was also heavy and awkward to carry on the job site. The best thing about it was that I sold it for $75 when I bought a bigger unit.

Tony, These compressors don't work any better in a warm climate I worked in Phoenix for four years the most important parts of this compressor is made of plastic and fails or breaks. It is an okay compressor for trim guns terrible if used for framing. I could hand nail my side of a wall faster than my apprentice could nail his end with the compressor and Hitachi framing gun.

I have owned two of these and will not own a third. They will not run at temperatures under 50F. Heaven help you if you are in near freezing temperatures. I must run a hair dryer to get it going every morning and after it sits for more than 15mins. Generally I crack a valve and let it cycle all day. A waste of steel unless you are in a warm climate.