C10FR Portable Tablesaw - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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C10FR Portable Tablesaw

Hitachi - C10FR Portable Tablesaw

This portable tablesaw from Hitachi uses wheels for both bevel and height adjustments

$200.00 (As of 7/1/2005)

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User Reviews

Hitachi- is one of may favorite table saw tool. it is fast and easy to use tool for cutting woods. Its blade size is 10 inches which is perfect for cutting woods and shaping furnitures

This saw is great for the work we do with it ..i haven't had alot of problems with it ..besides having to clean it out about everyday..we use it for remodels and some new construction..i've owned mine for about a year and havent had any major problems with it

When I first biought this saw I thought it was really cool. fold it up and store against the wall. Power is fine; but I do have 4 compliants. 1) Dust collection is awful; sawdust falls into a bag, but in the process gets all over the inner workings of the saw. Hav eto clean th eundercarriage frequently, Of course on emust wear the proper protective gear. The 1st time I blew the saw out I almost chocked to deat; I just wasn't expecting that much dust. A 4" dust port would be greatly appreciated. 2) DADO stack - the maximum I can get on the shaft is 3/4". Man was that disappointing not be able to get a full 13/16" stack on it. 3) After putting a thin kerf blade on the shaft the nut just spun around never really feeling tight, SCARY! But is fully tight on a DADO stack. I guess I can't use thin kerf blades on this saw. 4) No way to use a zero clearance insert. I am bombarded by sawdust while doing any king of cutting.

this saw is portable with wheels and a telescoping handle. When i first got this saw I really loved it. I owned it for a total of 6-7 weeks. I did two primary jobs. I ripped some MDF 7/11 baseboard around 400b/f and later resawed around 600-800 b/f of old growth VG (vertical grain) Doug Fir which i had salvaged from my house during the demo process. It had been in the workshop for 8 years. The wood is around 80+ years old. On the second job the Hitachi started showing it's age. The table top made out of aluminum started developing wear marks across the soft aluminum from dragging the rough 2x4 (actual) across the top. It had slight depressions and and obvious excessive wear for only 6 weeks out of the box and only using the saw about a dozen days. Also, the miter guage was 5/8" slotted T track, so no aftermarket miter gauges could be used or jigs for that matter that would run in the slot. Any magnetic jigs would also not work due to the aluminum top verses cast iron. the throat plate was below depth and caused the the wood 3/4" DG Fir that i was milling to pitch down on occasions. No such luck if you want to upgrade the saw. The stand with the fifth leg was nice and the wheels and portability was great for loading into the Ford pickup (blue dog). The fence would not line up with the blade, it's simply a poor design and marginal build quality. I own several Hatachi tools: their double tank air compressor (it's great - 10 y.o.) i reroofed my house around 8 square, Hatachi chop saw, really good for the $ but marginal dust collection and a 16g finish gun (all steel) about 10 years old. So if figured the saw would be a good compliment. if you do decide to get the saw you should get an extended purchase plan or put it on a credit card that gives an extended warranty. it will let you down. I upgraded from a very old Makita and a sears Crapsman saw. I would say that this saw is good for a beginner - to low intermediate, someone who wants to get their feet wet. expect to upgrade the saw in the very near future. I intend to get a Dewalt 746 hybrid or the Delta contractor saw. They are heavy 260lb plus, but they will deliver. I went back to Lowes and returned the saw and they were nice enough to return the saw. They only offer a 30 day MBG but they still gave me credit once i walked into the store and pleaded my case with one of the sales people. I would look at the Bosh with the anti gravity stand if you need portability, it is the better of the bunch compared to the other portables, but for a few hundred $ more you can move into a professional table saw, so I don't intend to buy the Bosh. Also look at the Festool or other brands of track saws if you need a zero clearance cut and are ripping large sheet goods. then you don't need a fancy table saw. **Actually, since i have written this review I am know seriously considering looking at the SawStop contractor saw. Quite frankly, it seems overpriced, but i like the skin sensing brake stop and the ability to put it on a mobile stand to cart it to the job site. I nicked my finger one time and luckily i was pushing the stock slowly so i was able to jerk my finger away instantly. Other times, I am working late and that is when accidents happen, you become complacent and wham. I have had only accident removing the pit from an avacodo the knife went through the pit and stuck into my finger. I have little to no feeling in the index finger... Also, it is made in the USA and the build quality seems excellent along with the setup instructions. No i don't work for sawstop.

This table saw is good for a shop where you won't be moving it. The picture does not show there is a fifth leg (that you have to attach, unattach when moving) on the outfeed side. If you lose it you can't use the saw. You cant set it on a table since there is no rear port. The legs are just too narrow.

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