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41214 Compact Air Compressor

Husky - 41214 Compact Air Compressor

The Husky 41214 compressor comes with a large storage compartment that folds down at the front and can store short air hoses and other accessories

$115.00 (As of 7/12/2012)

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Editor's Review: Tool Test: Compact Compressors

review date: July 12, 2012

Feature: The biggest differentiating feature of the Husky is the inclusion of two large wheels and a rolling suitcase-style telescoping handle. While the handle doesnʼt feel like it will stand up to life on the jobsite over time, the wheels are decent sized and roll over most small obstructions with ease. Thereʼs a large storage compartment that folds down at the front of the compressor and can store short air hoses and other accessories. The hose outlet regulator has a large dial that is labeled with appropriate tasks to help the user choose the correct air pressure. The Husky isnʼt too loud, although it tends to vibrate a bit when running.

Flaw: Save for the air hose outlet and drains, everything visible on the compressor is made of plastic and it seems like a couple of accidental blows could crack the whole carapice open. Also, the location of the air hose outlet makes it nearly impossible to change out the coupler if you want to put on a universal or automotive fitting instead of the NPT fitting that is included.

Bottom Line: This is a decent compressor - fill and recovery times are both quick, and quite a few nails can be fired before the unit cycles. I would want to see the compressor in action for an extended period of time before I was convinced of its longevity; however, if I were buying a compressor as a gift for a hobbyist woodworker or active folks who need to pump up tires and toys and such, I would definitely consider this unit.

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Editor Test Results:

Overall Rating N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Husky
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number
Weight 31.5 lbs.
Dimensions N/A
Volume 2.0 cfm @ 90 psi
Tank Size 1.5 gal.
Oil/Oilless Oilless
Tool Capacity N/A
Motor Size 1 HP; 8 AMPS

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