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CP1080224 Compact Air Compressor

Industrial Air - CP1080224 Compact Air Compressor

The CP1080224 compressor from Insdustrial Air has Two built in hose outlets allow for multiple tools to be run at the same time without needing a splitter

$183.00 (As of 7/12/2012)

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Editor's Review: Tool Test: Compact Compressors

review date: July 12, 2012

Feature: A heavy duty roll cage gives the Industrial Air compressor a tough look. A quick fill up and recovery time set this larger compressor apart from some of the smaller ones. Two built in hose outlets allow for multiple tools to be run at the same time without needing a splitter. The gauges and hoes outlets are well located and easy to access.

Flaw: At 47 lbs, the Industrial Air is the heaviest of the under 2 gallon compressors reviewed. At 91 dbs, it has a loud and rather “clack-y” sounding motor, with a strong vibration.

Bottom Line: Heavy and loud would unfortunately be the first two adjectives to describe the compressor. It also vibrates enough to bodily move itself across the floor when the motor kicks on. And while it does have a good recovery and fill up time, for the price, there are other compressors for nearly the same cost that arenʼt as loud or heavy and have comparable specs.

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Editor Test Results:

Overall Rating N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Industrial Air
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number
Weight 47 lbs.
Dimensions N/A
Volume 2.4 cfm @ 90 psi
Tank Size 2 gal.
Oil/Oilless Oil
Tool Capacity N/A
Motor Size 1.6 HP