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BTD141 Cordless Impact Driver

Makita - BTD141 Cordless Impact Driver

The Makita BTD141 is a cordless impact driver with an electric brake to minimize kickback and allow for immediate stops and a built in LED light for dark work spaces

$280.00 (As of 7/1/2008)

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User Reviews

Great tool with loads of power. I have had this drill for over 3 years now and have pushed it to the point where I was fully expecting it to blow up and it never has. The battery has huge power and doesnt slowly die down, it satys strong for the charge and takes roughly 30 min to charge. Only complaint is it seems like one of the louder impacts.

I picked this up at big orange, it was 1/2 off- marked slow moving-selling I guess. I'm a professional electrician and didn't think I needed one of these badly, but when I started using it-I loved it. What a difference in sinking screws! Tons of power- will drive a 3" # 12 screw like it was nothing and the battery lasts a really long time. The only thing that requires finess is the trigger, it wants to go full speed, it requires a deft touch to keep it slow. Now I'm looking on Amazon where they sell the bare tool Makita's, got my eye on a $69.00 reciprocating saw, that will use the same 3.0 amp 18 volt batteries I have now. I cant go wrong. Also looking at a 6 1/2" circular saw- same battery- should be perfect for an electrician.

Wow! thx you Makita for pushing the industry to move to a lithium Ion Power source. 3AH FTW!