MAC700 Air Compressor - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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MAC700 Air Compressor

Makita - MAC700 Air Compressor

Makita's hot dog compressor has a tool capacity of three finish nailers

$189.00 (As of 4/1/2006)

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User Reviews

I second all the other reviewers. It's heavy but quiet. It's large bore piston allows it to quickly and quietly bring the tank back up to pressure. I without reservation, highly recommend this one. I also expect with its cast iron construction, that it will last a really long time.

Luggable through doors without knocking things or walls. When pumping it just burbles, cut off is quiet. You can happily ignore what little noise there is. Small footprint is ideal, good feet. It is the heaviest I would want as a portable without wheels. Excellent paint job & drain valve easy to reach and use.

I ordered the MAC700 based off the review of it by FHB and I could not be more pleased. I was worried it would be over-worked using it w/a framing nailer (Bostitch F21PL - also a fantastic tool) but it was great. It is not the lightest thing to lug around but I still consider it very portable. Also, the heavy weight of it evokes a feeling of quality/durability that is comforting. As other's have mentioned, it is pretty quiet while running. I wouldn't want to sleep next to the thing but I have never found it uncomfortably loud. It had no problem keeping up through framing about 100 linear ft of walls. It cycled routinely but was not “running constantly” like I was worried it would. I also used it w/a PEX stapler to install about 1500ft of PEX (staple-up radiant floor heat) and the compressor worked great for that task – the PEX stapler even had a leak and it still kept up w/ease. One side note, I read a comment elsewhere that said the MAC700 took approx 20 minutes to get up to pressure. This is NOT normal and I think there was a leak in his equipment somewhere. It takes a minute or two max. The PEX stapler was rented and had a slight air leak (I could hear it leaking). If I tried to start the compressor from 0 psi w/the PEX stapler connected, it would barely build pressure…I had to disconnect the stapler and wait until the tank built up the initial pressure. Once the MAC700 got up to pressure, I can connect the leaky PEX stapler and use it fine, it can also recover (kicks on at 90 psi and builds to about 130psi tank pressure) w/out any just can't start from 0 psi w/the leaky gun.

I've had mine for 5 years. A little on the heavy side because it is oil bath but well worth it. A quite little performer. Very well built.

We use this compressor for production trim work across Michigan. During the stimulus rush of spring 2010 we were working 16 plus hours a day with 5 carpenters running off one of these compressors. It nearly ran non-stop but always kept up. This compressor was already about 4 years old at this time. We have since bought a 2nd Mac700 and use one on each floor. Keeps job sites neater with less hoses running around. This arrangement also works well because the two compressors together take about as much room as a twin tank unit and we can keep running without interruption if one of them ever goes down.

We already owned 4 compressors but bought the MAC700 specifically to run brad and pinner nailers for finish trim work. I made a cart with pneumatic tires and reels for hose and extension cords which makes it easy to move the unit from room to room as required. There's enough air to run two nailers which is all we need for these jobs. The real bonus is how quiet the MAC runs, an important feature when noise is amplified in an empty house. The weight penalty is offset by the fact that the cast iron, oil-bath design will probably last a long, long time. After using the MAC700 full-time for more than a year I can confidently recommend it for this specific purpose. John Milne Old Fox Woodworks Silver Star Mountain, BC

I have had a Makita MAC2400 for 5 years and am completely satisfied with it . It is very quiet...normal conversation is possible in the same room with it running.

Superb little compressor that can. I used this machine to build a storage shed, using a framing nailer, and it just didn't quit. The machine is quite and very user friendly. Like all Makita products, this one is solidly built. Well worth the money.

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