Classic R&R Shingles - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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Classic R&R Shingles

NuCedar Mills - Classic R&R Shingles

What sets apart NuCeda'rs Classc R&R Shingles from the rest of the factory-produced market is that they look like the real thing

$550.00 (As of 5/19/2011)

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Actually we used the Channel Rustic Vertical Siding on the south side of our house. That wall had real cedar vertical siding which had warped badly and the housewrap had disintegrated due to the fact the cedar had not been back primed nor was there a rainscreen. Also there were mushrooms growing on the window trim. The job was done in July when the temps here in the Hudson Valley were in the 90's so the siding was at max expansion. Since the osb was only 1/2 inch we needed to add a layer of 3/8 inch plywood for a sheathing layer thickness of 7/8 inch because Nucedar called for a minimum thickness of 5/8 inch. Luckily the window framing was caught in time and was able to be cleaned off instead of replaced. For housewrap we used Home Slicker plus Typar which made for a nice one step process of adding a rainscreen. After flashing all the window openings and reinstalling the windows the siding and trim was installed. Since the siding comes in 16' lengths some of the wall had to have seams which were staggered. The seams were made tight as the siding was at it's maximum expansion due to the summer temperatures. The result was stunning! After living with the siding for a few months I've noticed that as the temps have dropped into the teens at night there are gaps as the siding contracts visible only at the seams. Since the wall is constantly in the sun however those gaps close even on relatively cool days as the temp on the wall is much higher than the air temp. After reading the article here on the FineHomebuilding site on working with PVC siding when the rest of the house is done instead of leaving gaps on the longer lengths we will glue two sections together. This will allow the expansion and contraction to occur at the ends and there will be no visible gaps. This siding is a fantastic product and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone. It is miles beyond any other product out there. We have to tell people it's PVC as everyone who looks at it and feels it thinks it's real cedar. As for price the real cedar at our local lumber yard was more expensive both in terms of price and labor, (real cedar has to be back primed). We will be doing the rest of the house this summer.

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