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Perma-Boot 312

Perma-Boot - Perma-Boot 312

The Perma-Boot is a retrofit solution that guarantees it will last the life of your roof

$20.00 (As of 1/19/2012)

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Editor's Review: Roof boot, revised

review date: January 19, 2012

The weakest link in any roof is the boot at the base of a plumbing vent or, more precisely, the boot’s rubber gasket that seals around the pipe. I’ve seen some of these gaskets deteriorate to the point of leaking in as little as seven years. For a 30-year roof, that’s about three boot replacements.

Replacing a vent boot usually takes an hour or two and can involve equipment such as roof jacks, flat bars, hammers, knives, fasteners, and caulk guns. If the shingles are old and too brittle to save, you’ll never get an exact color match with the new ones.

The Perma-Boot 312 is a retrofit solution that not only reduces labor to about five minutes but is also guaranteed to last the life of the roof. It’s a two-piece boot and sleeve made from UV-protected ABS plastic that slips over the existing vent pipe and boot, providing a complete waterproof covering all the way down to the roof shingles. First, the adjustable-pitch (from 3-in. to 12-in.) boot slides down over the existing pipe, which may need to be cut shorter. To finish, sealant is applied to the top of the boot and pipe, and the sleeve is pushed down firmly into place.

Perma-Boots come in a few colors and in sizes that fit 1-1⁄2-in., 2-in., and 3-in. vent pipes (a 4-in. size is due out soon). They’re reasonably priced at about $20. Although they have major appeal for remodelers, my plan is to use them on new roofs to prevent leaks from ever occurring.

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