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324 MAG Circular Saw

Porter-Cable - 324 MAG Circular Saw

This well-balanced circular saw from Porter-Cable has a unique dust control system with an adjustable port

$129.00 (As of 9/1/2004)

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User Reviews

Best saw I've ever used. If you're only buying one get the left-hand model. The sight-line (for right-handers) is the best in the business. For getting out trim, buy both models. The power cord is longer and heavier gauge than most saws and the dust port really does work.

I think this saw has to be one of the best out there. I have the laft and right side models and personally I prefer the left side. This saw has a great feel to it and just feels good in your hand. The view lines are perfect. I haven't experienced any problems with the base and I hope that it stays this way

For "usability" this saw rates 'excellent'. I own both the right and left -handed versions of this saw and use them almost daily. Heavy enough to allow for smooth cutting and powerful enough so as to never be an issue, this saw's visibility is great. One caveate : just several weeks beyond the one-year warranty the magnesium-cast body cracked for no apparent reason. With the part costing $49 and labor $48, repair virtually amounted to replacement cost. A review on Amazon mentioned the same problem. While I love this saw, I hope Porter-Cable solves this issue.

A well built tool that starts with a powerful motor with a light but sturdy body and base. On top of the essentials are convenient adjustment levers, angle references and a clear line of sight. Some additional features that set this saw apart from competitors is the quick-change blade--not a feature I use often--and an innovative exhaust port--my favorite extra. The saw also comes in a left or right handed version; I have the left-handed saw. If this saw is not the absolute best, it is not significantly far from the best.