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Ram Board Temporary Floor Protection

Ram Board Temporary Floor Protection

Provides heavy-duty protection to new floors that doesn't limit the work area

$55.00 (As of 1/1/1900)

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User Reviews

For those who have not seen Ramboard, the big orange store has it on rolls and it's easy to not notice it. It is used for protecting floors while work is going on and is basically cardboard on a roll. As a DIY homeowner, I love this stuff. I often find myself able to work on projects only on weekends so what seems like a small project can stretch out to weeks. When I refloored a room recently, I replaced the subfloor with 3/4" plywood and put 1/4" sanded underlayment on top of that. With Ramboard on top of the underlayment I had absolutely no worries about it being damaged before I put the laminate in. We moved the furniture back into the room on top of the Ramboard so the room was usable and my underlayment was fully protected. I will be doing a lot more flooring work in the house and will be using Ramboard to protect it. Great stuff!

We also use ram board floor protection in our construction projects and it has saved a lot of damage and replacement cost. Its very easy to lay out and we keep it in our truck as you can use it multiple times - don't throw it out.

We are a custom home builder and use this product to protect our hard wood floors during interior finishing. The product was terrific and will become a staple in each of our future products

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