Ridgid - AC 9941 Miter-Saw Stand - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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AC 9941 Miter-Saw Stand

Ridgid - AC 9941 Miter-Saw Stand

Ridgid's miter-saw stand features a quick-release saw mount and extension arms that reach out to nearly 10 ft.

$169.00 (As of 9/1/2007)

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User Reviews

When I bought my Milwaukee 14 inch sliding compound-miter saw at Home Depot they were running a special where I got this stand free. The instructions said “easily assembled” which probably could have been worded as “no welding required”. I looked at the stand in the store but not with a lot of examination since it was free. The workers there loaded the stand and the saw in my truck and I headed home. I unloaded the 65 pound saw which was far heavier than my previous one and then I was quite surprised to find that the saw stand was far heavier. I read the instructions, got safely by the leg extension part and eventually got it all assembled. I use this saw/stand combination both in my shop and on the job site. The wheels are way to thin to support the weight of the stand and large saw and not get bogged down on softer ground but even worse, when you get stuck you find you can’t back up easily because the legs on the wheel end that allow the stand to store upright, a feature I have never used, dig in if you more than just slightly raise the other end you are pulling or pushing from. That coupled with how wobbly the legs are because they do not securely lock (I made field repair for that) make this one of my least favorite tool accessories. I now use it for my light “shop mostly” saw and bought the Bosch T4B, which is far better.

I experienced problems similar to the fisrt two comments, but worked past them. The wabble does not seem to be much of a problem for me, but the lowering of the legs on the wheeled end is a nightmare. With my Delta 12" sliding mitre saw mounted, it is a two hand operation to lift that end, which leaves me with no hand free to hit the release lever. I had to make a home brew gadget that will hold the release lever down while lifting the wheeled end. Even then the spring loaded plunger sometimes sticks and I have to bounce the thing while lifting what seems like two hundred pound to get the wheeled legs to drop down. With my Delta mounted as far back as is allowed, the extension arm are still too far back to suppor 14" wide pieces and I have to suppliment them with standalone support rollers. Wish I had researched more and bought the Bosh stand instead, but I was in a hurry and this was a quick fix, although a poor one.

The stand is convenient to use, and the large wheels are useful for rough terrain. The wheels also make it easy to load into a truck or van, although it is a bit awkward for one person to make the initial lift of the wheel end. I agree with the previous reviewer that the retractable wheel mechanism can be hazardous during assembly, although the instructions warn about this. That said, I still almost had it hit me during the process. The stand is wobbly in the longitudinal direction, but stable front-to-back. The wobble is due to the legs without the wheels not locking adequately in place. It is not a problem generally in use, but I have solved the problem by clamping a 2x2 between the two sets of legs. For me, at a sale price of $99, it's a keeper.

While on a recent visit to Home Depot I saw several miter stands out of the box and set up. The Rigid seemed the most substantial. I liked the fact that it had large diameter wheels for rolling over rough terrain, it was collapsible, had extension supports at the end of each arm and was spring loaded. I made my purchase for $99, from their things went downhill. First off how much do you think this stand weighs, would you believe 106 pounds in the box and about 10 pounds less completely set up. The spring loaded and compressed legs are very dangerous if you do not understand how they open during setup (with great force). With the stand set up and my Makita saw on top, I had almost 140 pounds sitting in front of me. One would think that with all this weight this would be one of the most sturdy stands made, not so and in fact it was rather wobbly. I returned it for a Ryobi which is lighter, more sturdy but without wheels. I'm very pleased with the Ryobi.

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