TS2400-1 Portable Tablesaw - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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TS2400-1 Portable Tablesaw

Ridgid - TS2400-1 Portable Tablesaw

This portable tablesaw from Ridgid has an excellent miter gauge and a great fence adjustment

$500.00 (As of 7/1/2005)

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User Reviews

Saw has a nice slow start feature keeping the saw from jolting on when you flip the switch. My biggest complaint about this saw is the location of the switch itself. It is high, right under the table on the left. Many times I must bend down to see where the switch is just to turn it off. No matter how many times I try just to hit without looking, even though I know where it is, I can never do it without actually bending over and looking. They should have put the switch a little lower. Saw seems to have enough power. Just cut through some reclaimed 1-1/2" thick oak and it had no problems.

I was fortunate enough to pick this saw up about two years ago at a black friday sale for $299 at Home Depot. I have to say this is an impressive portable saw and the power was there for me. I was cutting oak flooring and was a bit hesitant to not go straight for my contractor saw, but the Ridgid did the job with no bog down. The stand works well, the fence is excellent, and it came with a quality T slot miter gauge (not plastic like the Dewalt 744 I just returned). I have to agree with one reviewers point regarding blade changes. It most definately was a bit of a bear to fiddle with the nut using the supplied wrenches. I am not sure why one reviewer mentioned that the miter gauge was not a standard size, the gauge from my contractor saw fit the slot perfectly, maybe mine was an older version and they changed the slot size at some point. As expected, the supplied blade is good for ripping 2x4's, but upgrade to a better blade as you would with most any saw.

I bought the ts2400 after reading reviews of several contractor table saws. It is a nice saw. Solid, portable and quiet. I have used this saw day in and day out and it has never failed me yet. For the cost it is a great saw. HOWEVER it is only good for beginner type cutting. If you want to buy a tennoning jig that fits this saw forget it. There are NO accessories available for this saw nor does any standard equipment fit. Ridgid felt the need to make the miter gauge slot smaller than standard. Even if you did modify one to work the miter slot is not standard spacing away from the blade causing you to further modify a simple tool. To invalidate a tools warranty and risk injury is Not worth the headace to me. If you don't plan on ever doing more than cutting/ripping boards then this is a Great saw, but if you ever plan on building furniture that requires use of jigs DONT BUY Ridgid.

I just bought my 2nd table saw the first lasted for over 5 years being used 4 days a week the adjustments are very good and the saw perform well only problem i've had is that changing the blade is a pain. I give it a 4

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