Ryobi - P840 Combo Kit - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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P840 Combo Kit

Ryobi - P840 Combo Kit

The tools in this cordless combo kit from Ryobi are light and comfortable to use

$169.00 (As of 12/1/2005)

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User Reviews

Sadly I bought this kit as a newbie homeowner & trusted the advertising & Home Depot salesman. Fortunately I didn't pay full price, but I still feel like a sucker for what I paid. The tools aren't bad, but the Ryobi batteries are HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. After a few months, their capacity is greatly diminished. After a year they're pretty much dead, even if they aren't used much. IMO, the batteries are also too expensive to be constantly replacing & they don't have that much power or capacity to begin with. I've used cordless DeWalt tools that a friend has, & the difference is startling. The Ryobi seem like toys in comparison. Of course the price is different, but I've nearly paid for a basic DeWalt kit with the batteries that I"ve had to buy for the Ryobi, not to mention the lost work time, even if I am just a homeowner. I regret buying this kit & used it's worth nothing to sell, though I wish I could. Next time, I'll either buy Dewalt or possible Rigid, the latter has free batteries for life.

after 2 years of light non-commercial use, the batteries have all but died.

This kit is fine for a weekend do it your selfer - I built a small 10x20 deck with it. Lacks serious power, especially with the circular saw. You always need to be aware of charging your batteries... many times throughout a project I will have to take a "charge break" and let a battery power up - because I drained the 3 batteries that I had... dont choose this kit for major projects. The drill is the best. rating = 1

this kit works great. I am a carpenter and my boss has the makita 18V kit and one of my friends has the ryobi kit . for the price differencethe ryobi bit is a bargain .They are as comparable to work with and battery life are the same .

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