Sawhelper - U88 Miter-Saw Stand - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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U88 Miter-Saw Stand

Sawhelper - U88 Miter-Saw Stand

The Sawhelper Ultrafence's aluminum extrusions provide continuous work support and an integral fence designed to hold a self-adhering tape measure and adjustable flip stops

$539.00 (As of 9/1/2007)

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I bought a set on craigslist for $150. a few months ago with everything included. Finally had a few day off in between jobs We had few day in-between jobs and decided to organ our warehouse. I came across the 2-7'wings sitting in the corner and decided to install them. After realizing how quick the set up time I tricked out 1 - 12" Dewalt Slider and 1 - 10" Hitachi Slider. I can inner change them in less then 5min. I decided to build another set. Picts are coming. Yannis

Love this equipment. Expensive but with a fast payback, (under a month for the full time finish carpenter). Robust construction, bullet-proof design, fast set-ups, comfortable in use, multiplicity of function... Imported my first unit into Canada in the 80's, (the thinner, shorter model, complete with stand and flip stop), gave it away to a friend when I purchased the longer, wider model in 2000 which is in constant use today. As a start-from-scratch, Fine Homebuilding "trained" carpenter, that first unit helped me make up for lack of formal training or oversight by an advanced co-worker. Living on a relatively remote west-coast Canadian island, I had to get a boost somehow and investing in the saw-helper, along with that first Hitachi sliding compound was my best career move. This equipment probably wouldn't jive with a casual carpenter. It's expense and size would be offputting, but for a pro or would-be pro, finisher or framer I can't overplay it's value. With my Makita table saw nestled in it's Rousseu table support and placed conveniently at a right angle to the left wing of the Saw-helper, both hooked to a demand vacume system, I'm ready to rock. My Stabila door level lives safely cradled under the chop-saw strand where about once a day I check the Saw-helper set-up. It's usually deadly, just like I like it. The double, perfectly flat, always present wings provide the obvious option to cut from left or right, or act as a convenient temporary storage place as I work from left to right, and act as a work bench for sanding, glue-ups, etc. Try that with a roller outfit! Safety first, Steven

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