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DS275-18V Cordless DuraSpin Driver

Senco - DS275-18V Cordless DuraSpin Driver

Senco's DS275-18V is a cordless driver with collated fasteners

$260.00 (As of 7/1/2008)

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User Reviews

I really like the way this screw gun operates. It is fast and smooth. I've screwed down the better part of a 4000 square foot sub-floor using 2+ inch screws. I've driven thousands of screws with it. My only complaint is that I couldn't keep the batteries charged. I had a lot of down time waiting for one of the two batteries to charge. I finally bought a corded version of the same tool. It works essentially the same way but I never have to wait for the batteries. I will use both screw guns to install drywall on a 6000 square foot house including the garage. I may buy an extra battery and battery charger before I do. However, using much shorter drywall screws may make the extra charger and battery unnecessary

I used mine to sheath a pump house I built last year. This is the only auto feeder I've ever had so I haave nothing to compare it to, but it works well. The only problem I found was the battery didn't last long in the the Carolina summer sun.