Ze-Vo Products Group - Endcuts Primer - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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Endcuts Primer

Ze-Vo Products Group - Endcuts Primer

Ze-Vo Products Group produces this handy 4-oz bottle of white (or clear) sealer with a built in foam applicator and a tight leak-proof screw-on cap to make quick work of priming your end cuts, miter joints, butt joints, and more in the battle to prevent rotten trim

$10.00 (As of 7/1/2008)

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Editor's Review: Primer to Go

review date: July 1, 2008

Whether it’s a miter joint in exterior window trim, butt joints in fascias and lap siding, or the bottom end of corner boards and garage-door trim, just about every piece of rotten trim and siding that I’ve repaired can be traced to uncoated end cuts. To help prevent this rot, I’ve been keeping a gallon of primer next to my saw and coating the cut ends of exterior wood trim and siding for more than a dozen years. This task is faster, easier, and less messy with a new product called EndCuts.

EndCuts is a 4-oz. bottle of white sealer with a screw-on cap that covers a foam applicator head. In the middle of the foam applicator is a pressure-sensitive valve that controls the flow of the sealer. I just press the applicator tip to the piece of wood and give the bottle a light squeeze to fill the foam pad, more than enough for two swipes on a cut board. And yes, the cap screws on tightly enough to keep the liquid from drying or leaking into your tool pouch, even if it’s upside down.

The foam applicator will tear if you rub it against rough cuts repeatedly, but smooth cuts aren’t a problem. When I noticed some applicator deterioration, I started dabbing rough cuts rather than brushing them. EndCuts sealer cleans up with water and, according to the manufacturer, is zero VOC. The company also makes a 4-oz. bottle of clear sealer for use on the cut ends of deck planks.

Editor Test Results:

Overall Rating Good

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Ze-Vo Products Group
Manufacturer's Web Site http://www.zevoproductsgroup.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 508-879-3151
Weight N/A
Dimensions 4 oz self-applicator bottles

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