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16-Ga. Finish Nailer Roundup, Gun By Gun

Rick Arnold reviews the top features of more than a dozen 16-ga. finish nailers

Length: 5:46
Produced By: John Ross

Should you go with the Grizzly, the Milwaukee, or the Bostitch? If you're in the market for a finish nailer, don't pull the trigger until you watch Rick Arnold demonstrate the top features of more than a dozen 16-ga. finish nailers. You'll want to stay with the video until the end; Rick reveals his top pick in the last few seconds.

With so many finish nailers on the market, a tool's features, or lack thereof, can easily make or break the sale. Watch a video where Rick details the features he values most in a finish nailer and another where Rick outlines what he considers secondary features worth considering when choosing a finish nailer.

To see Rick's write-up on each tool, read Tool Test: 16-Ga. Finish Nailers from Fine Homebuilding issue #200 (December 2008/January 2009), pp. 48-52.

Video by: John Ross

From Fine Homebuilding200
November 13, 2008