16-Ga. Finish Nailer Roundup, Part One - Fine Homebuilding Video
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16-Ga. Finish Nailer Roundup, Part One

Rick Arnold lists his top-four must-have features that distinguish one nailer in a market of many

Length: 4:32
Produced By: John Ross

Rick Arnold got the opportunity to participate in every finish carpenter's dream: We gave him 20 16-ga. nailers and asked him to evaluate them. One rose to the top, but 13 others are worth considering, too, depending on the features you value most in a nail gun. Rick's top features: a side-loading magazine so that nails can be switched out with ease; obvious nail-length identification so that he knows whether he's got a 2-in., 2-1/2-in., or 2-1/4-in. fastener loaded; and an accurate line of sight (he tested this one by marking an X on his stock and aiming for the center). Finally, Rick determined a no-mar tip to be a valuable feature because it ensures that trim will stay free of dents and other imperfections.

Your top must-have features may rank higher or lower than Rick's. Watch Part Two of the roundup to learn which features Rick considers good-to-haves as opposed to must-haves.

And, to see Rick's in-depth review of the nailers on the table, read Tool Test: 16-Ga. Finish Nailers from Fine Homebuilding issue #200 (December 2008/January 2009), pp. 48-52.

Video by: John Ross

From Fine Homebuilding200
November 12, 2008