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Using a Moisture Meter

An accurate moisture meter is the most important tool a wood-floor installer can use

Length: 2:47
Produced By: John Ross

Hardwood-flooring expert Charles Peterson demonstrates the two types of moisture meters you can use to determine the moisture level of wood flooring before you install it. The first type is a pin meter, which works by measuring the moisture of wood fibers when penetrated. The second type is a pinless meter that measures radio-frequency waves. Sounds high-tech, but it comes with a caveat: It's twice as likely to be inaccurate as a pin meter. Too much depends on having an accurate moisture reading of wood flooring to leave it up to chance. Not surprisingly, Charles's choice is a combo meter.

To learn more about how Charles ensures flawless wood floors, read 11 Wood-Flooring Problems, and Their Solutions from Fine Homebuilding issue #200 (December 2008/January 2009), pp. 78-83.

Video by: John Ross

From Fine Homebuilding200
November 12, 2008