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Build Like a Pro: Weatherstripping a Door

Only once you get your doors tight are you ready to weatherstrip

Length: 4:47
Produced By: Greg T. Gordon

In this video, carpenter Jay Lane shows you how to use a weatherstripping channel tool made by Resource Conservation Technology to cut a groove into a door opening. The tool looks like a finish nailer, but houses what is essentially a small router that is designed to cut an opening for bulb-type weatherstripping. Jay also gives you some tips that will make any door weather sealing job easier.

To learn how Jay eliminates the need for a bulky threshold for this door, read Stop Drafts With a Drop-Down Door Seal from Fine Homebuilding Issue #198 (Oct/Nov 2008), pp.56-57.

And try this great DIY-approach for weatherstripping old doors with off-the-shelf hardware store parts, submitted by prolific Fine Homebuilding reader Don Mathis.

Video by: John Ross

September 10, 2008