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Master Class Video Series: Running Baseboard

Trimming out a recent job of 50 high-end condo units, finish carpenter Tucker Windover was able to fine-tune his production skills. In this video series, you'll get Tucker's insights on coping perfect corners, mitering the outside corners, and locating the studs when the drywall hanger beats you to the punch.


 Coping Inside Corners  3:03
 Mitering Outside Corners  2:55
 Locating Studs for Running Trim  1:21
 Preparing a Room for Baseboard  3:01


Preparing a Room for Baseboard is new! Keep checking back; we'll continue to post additional videos in which Tucker teaches you how to make a takeoff list and how to run baseboard on an uneven floor.

Photo by: John Ross
From Fine Homebuilding198