Guide to Energy-Efficient Homes

Energy-Efficiency Essentials

25 Ways to Save
Cut home energy use and costs with these "next-step" strategies.

Energy-Smart Homes
Order this special issue from the editors of Fine Homebuilding to access expert advice on insulation, windows, hot water, heating, appliances and more
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Buyer's Guide to Insulation
Read a thorough review of R-values, costs, and installation methods for batts, rigid foam, spray foam, and blown-in insulation.
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Energy-Smart Details
Find construction drawings for insulation, air-sealing, water management and more.
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Building-science basics Building Science for the Rest of Us
7 basic principles to make homes safe, durable, and energy efficient
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Heat-Pump Water Heaters Online Membership Required
A new breed of water heater uses time-proven heat-pump technology to cut energy consumption in half.
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Tankless Water Heaters

How it Works: Tankless Water Heater
Thinking of a hot water upgrade? See inside a tankless water heater with this interactive graphic and access articles for upgrading and choosing a tankless water heater.
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Save Energy with a Cool Roof Online Membership Required
Reflective roofing improves comfort and reduces cooling costs in the Deep South and anywhere the sun shines.
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A Buyer's Guide to Windows Online Membership Required
They’re one of the most important—and expensive—parts of a house. We help you sort through the materials, styles, and ratings that will influence your choice.
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Energy-Efficiency Videos

VIDEO SERIES: How to Air-Seal an Attic
Remodeler Mike Guertin demonstrates how to stop air leaks and save big on your heating and cooling bills. Watch the preview

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Renovation 4th Edition Renovation 4th Edition
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The Visual Handbook of Energy Conservation The Visual Handbook of Energy Conservation
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The Energy-Smart House The Energy- Smart House