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Fine Homebuilding Issue #249
February/March 2015

Master Craftsman Video Series:  How to Wire a Bathroom  
Cliff Popejoy, a licensed electrical contractor for over eleven years, shows us the basics of wiring a bathroom. Not a member? View the free series introduction or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

Video Series:  How to Air-Seal an Attic  
Stop the air leaks and save big on your heating and cooling bills. Not a member? View the free series introduction or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

Video Series:  Ultimate Deck Build 2015
Step-by-step instructions on how to build a better deck

Tailgate Web Extra:  CEO Charts His Company's Path to Net-Zero Homes
Read more of our interview with Gene Myers of New Town Builders, a Denver-based company.

Energy-Smart Homes
Winter 2015

Tailgate Complete Interview:  Katrin Klingenberg, Passive House Pioneer
Read our entire interview with Passive House pioneer Katrin Klingenberg.

Article Plans:  Build a High-Performance Door   
Appearing in the 2014 version Fine Homebuilding's annual Energy-Smart Homes publication, Ben Graham and Mike Lamp's custom-built hardwood door is the pinnacle of efficiency and good looks.

Companion Videos:  How to Build a Passive House   
Online members can watch the companion videos in our Passive House series

Fine Homebuilding Issue #248
December 2014/January 2015

Master Craftsman Video Series:  Building a Modern Mantel  
Not a member? View the free series introduction or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

Photo Gallery:  Fireplaces and Mantels
Find inspiration for your own custom mantelpiece, or post your own photos in the gallery to show off your designs.

Article:  Great Tips for Building a Mantel   
Get more tips on how to build a mantel.

Article:  A Wood Floor That Can Survive Anywhere   
In a basement or on a slab, create a stable platform to support quality engineered-wood flooring.

Project Gallery:  View or post your own projects here.

Final Touches Photo Gallery:  The Construction of a Water Wheel
See more photos of the Baytos's waterwheel.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #247
Kitchens & Baths 2014

Inspiration Gallery:  Great Ideas from our Readers  
Someone else has solved your kitchen or bath design dilemma. Find out how in this gallery of innovative projects from Fine Homebuilding readers.

Slideshow:  Preparing for Tile
Tile jobs go smoothly when you take time to prepare your work area first. Here’s a visual checklist to help you get ready to start your installation.

Slideshow:  Designing with Floating Shelves
Here’s how architects and designers have put the concept of floating shelves to use in the kitchen.

Slideshow:  Mixing Thinset
These tips will help you mix thinset without making a mess.

Slideshow:  Installing a Mosaic Tile Accent
Mosaic accents are a popular design element in kitchens, especially over the stove. Here’s how to pull it off perfectly.

Article:  Keys to a Great Layout
No two tile backsplashes will lay out in the same way. Tile pro Tim Keefe explains the priority system he uses to make sure his tiles lay out perfectly every time.

How-to Videos:  Kitchen and Bath Collection   
Online members can watch Fine Homebuilding pros demonstrate how to cast a custom countertop, tile a bathroom, build and install cabinets and more in this video compilation. Not a member? View the series’ free introductions or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #246
October / November 2014

Master Craftsman Video Series:  Wood Floors on a Concrete Slab  
When gluing prefinished engineered flooring to concrete, detailing the prep and ensuring a careful layout are key. Not a member? View the free series introduction or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

Slideshow:  A gallery of great garages
Browse through this collection of photos from our readers’ gallery and from past issues of Fine Homebuilding to see beautiful garages that have been remodeled, repurposed, and reinvented.

Slideshow and Video Extra:  All Aboard the Backyard Express!
See more of Walter and Norma Ward’s whimsical Pasadena backyard in this slideshow and video.

Project House Video Series:  A Simple Approach to Paneled Wainscot  
Long time finish carpenter Gary Striegler teaches his simplified technique for building and installing paneled wainscot.

Tailgate Complete Interview:  Katrin Klingenberg, Passive House Pioneer
Read our entire interview with Passive House pioneer Katrin Klingenberg.

Small Homes, Cabins & Cottages
Fall 2014

Online Gallery:  Small-homes submissions
There was only one winner of the best-small-home award in this year’s Houses issue, but there were over 40 small homes submitted to our call for entries. Take a look at the wide variety of featured houses, from modest to tiny, rustic to contemporary.

Slide Show:  7 small bathroom layouts
Bathroom space is usually tight in a small home; it takes extra planning to make sure this essential room retains its functionality. This collection of articles from the Fine Homebuilding archives is full of examples of creative storage solutions and tricks to make a compact bathroom feel spacious and luxurious.

From the Archives:  Building Smaller, for Now
Read Robert Knight's 2001 article from Fine Homebuilding #141 about the beginnings of the Greek-revival farmhouse we revisited in our 2014 issue of Small Homes, Cabins & Cottages.

Design Video:  Passive House Perfection
Take a look back at the 2013 winner for Best New Home.

Design Video:  A Low-Impact Garden Cottage
Take a look back at the 2013 winner for Best Small Home.

Design Video:  Carriage-House Comeback
Take a look back at the 2012 winner for Best Small Home.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #245
August / September 2014

Slide Show:  12 Stunning Remodels
Our 2014 winner for best remodel is a 1930s bungalow that underwent a total transformation to become the spacious, contemporary home it is today. It’s one of many impressive renovations that are featured in our 2014 HOUSES.

Building Science:  Energy-smart details
Browse Fine Homebuilding’s growing collection of energy-smart construction details, which covers everything from basement air-sealing to attic insulation

Video:  Master Carpenter: Painting Trim the Right Way
Online members can watch painting pro Tim Leahy demonstrate techniques for a flawless finish on trimwork. Not a member? View the free series introduction or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

Video:  The Passive House Build, Part 5: Window Installation
Online members can watch how Passive House windows are installed, as well as access additional episodes that document the building of this ultra-tight house. Not a member? View the free series introduction or sign up for our 14-day free trial.

Project House Video Series:  Foyer Tile Installation   
Veteran tilesetter Tom Meehan mixes modern materials and time-tested techniques to install a durable floor in a high-traffic room

Finish Carpentry Collection:  
Once you’ve chosen the best brad nailer, bring your skills up to speed with these how-to articles on finish carpentry:
Ten Rules for Finish Carpentry
Installing Baseboard
Setting Up an Efficient Job-Site Shop
Basic Scribing Techniques

Green Building Advisor: Calculating Exterior Foam
“Energy Nerd” Martin Holladay explains how to make sure your foam is thick enough to keep the wall sheathing above the dew point in winter

Tailgate Interview Bonus: Nicole Starnes Taylor, Architect
Find out more about the design work of architect Nicole Starnes Taylor.

Kitchen Planning Guide 2014
Summer 2014

Master Carpenter Video:  Installing Semicustom Cabinets
How to level, scribe, and fasten cabinets without marring the perfect factory finish

Tailgate-Interview Bonus:  Flush for Good
American Standard’s Flush for Good program saves lives through sanitation by donating sanitary toilet pans to people in developing countries. Visit the Flush for Good Facebook page and download the Save Water, Save Lives e-book to find out more.

Slide Show: Kitchen Design Gallery
Inspiring Kitchens from our Readers' Gallery

Slide Show:  Bathroom Design Ideas
Get your own bathroom project jump-started with inspiration from articles, galleries, and more in Fine Homebuilding magazine’s online archives

Online Tool:  Countertop and Cabinet Calculator
Get a ballpark figure to help you narrow down your kitchen-design options

Fine Homebuilding Issue #244
June / July 2014

Master Carpenter Video Series:  The Craft of Coffered Ceilings
Carpenter Gary Katz creates a simple and elegant layout, efficiently uses his shop for preassembling components, and organizes the installation for the best possible workflow for this custom-ceiling project

Video:  The Passive House Build, Part 4: Framing for Efficiency
Double-stud walls and trusses create the ideal shell for an economical and efficient building

Video:  Project House Video Series: Built-in Bookcases in an Antique Home
Justin Fink visits Palermo, Maine, to see a veteran designer and woodworker build classic bookcases on site

Gallery:  Florida plumber puts trade skills to work in Haiti
Florida plumber Fred Schilling went to Haiti with the organization Plumbers Without Borders to assist in the installation of water-purification systems following the catastrophic earthquake in January 2010

Gallery:  A Look Inside a Beautiful Boat House
This oceanfront house designed by architects Anna and Chuck Dietsche captures the travels of their clients

Fine Homebuilding Issue #243
Houses 2014

Videos and Photo Galleries:  2014 HOUSES Awards
Get an in-depth look at the award-winning houses and the people who designed them:
Best New Home
Best Remodel
Best Small Home
Best Traditional Home
Best Energy-Smart Home
Editor's Choice

2015 HOUSES Awards:  Call for Entries
We’re always on the lookout for homes that showcase craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and smart design. Submit a project for next year’s HOUSES issue and a chance to win one of our HOUSES awards

Gallery:  The Incredible Stonework and Art of Lew French
For over 30 years, Martha's Vineyard resident Lew French has been creating one-of-a-kind works in stone and other materials

Fine Homebuilding Issue #242
April / May 2014

Master Carpenter Video Series:  Fast and Accurate Wall Framing
In this members-only video series, carpenter Mike Norton demonstrates his no-nonsense approach to building the bones of a house

Video:  The Passive House Build, Part 3: Superinsulated Slab
In this video, see the crew install a 10-inch-thick insulated slab assembly, which provides an R value of 50 in the floor system

Video:  Project House: Wood Floor Repair
Justin Fink travels to Orlando, Florida, to see how a restoration expert patches an old wood floor

Fine Homebuilding Issue #241
February/March 2014

Videos:  The Fine Homebuilding guide to painting
Browse our online collection of painting videos, articles, and material reviews, and get the tips and techniques you need for your next finishing project

Passive House:  A higher standard for energy efficiency
If you’re looking for the world’s most rigorous standard for building energy-efficient houses, this is it

Master Carpenter Video:  Installing Semicustom Cabinets
How to level, scribe, and fasten cabinets without marring the perfect factory finish

Video: Blower-Door Testing
Learn how to set up a blower door and run an airtightness test

Video:  The Passive House Build, Part 2: Air-sealed Mudsill Assembly
You only have one chance to get this critical detail perfect

Fine Homebuilding Issue #240
December 2013 / January 2014

Master Carpenter Video Series:  Create a Curved Stair Riser
In this Master Carpenter series, learn how to create a curved stair riser

More Information:  Pure Energy
Learn more about Pure Energy, the small business owned by A. Tamasin Sterner, Energy Adviser

Video:  The Passive House Build, Part 1
This design video is the first in a series of articles and companion videos focused on the theory, design, of a particular Passive House project, located in Falmouth, Mass.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #239
Kitchens & Baths 2013

Slide Show: Kitchen Design Gallery
Inspiring Kitchens from our Readers' Gallery

Slide Show:  Bathroom Design Ideas
Get your own bathroom project jump-started with inspiration from articles, galleries, and more in Fine Homebuilding magazine’s online archives

Photo Gallery:  Accessible Kitchen Design
See more photos of the Pileggis’ kitchen

Tailgate-Interview Bonus:  Flush for Good
American Standard’s Flush for Good program saves lives through sanitation by donating sanitary toilet pans to people in developing countries. Visit the Flush for Good Facebook page and download the Save Water, Save Lives e-book to find out more.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #238
September 2013

The Deck Planning Center
Safety, design inspiration, how-to videos, and all your deck-building needs

Master Carpenter Video Series:  How to Carve a Stair-Rail Easement
In this Master Carpenter series, watch veteran stairbuilder Richard Walston and his son, Ed, create a curved stair-rail easement by hand

Master Carpenter Series:  Securing a Home Against Wind
This compilation of articles and videos built to help victims of Hurricane Sandy is full of resources to help rebuild after a natural disaster or build a house to better weather the storm Construction Details
Browse sample details in this construction-detail library, or become a GBAPro member to get access to over 1,000 drawings

Interview:  Mike Sloggatt, Volunteer
Hurricane Sandy: Are homeowners getting the help they need?

Photos:  Porch from the Past
Have a look at more detailed photos of this remarkable porch restoration

Photos:  Magnolia Pavilion
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the design and construction of this impressive timber-frame pool house

Fine Homebuilding Issue #237
September 2013

Slideshow:  Basement Remodeling Tips
Read this collection of articles to find tips on waterproofing, insulating, and creating functional, attractive basement spaces

Video:  Reproducing Traditional Moldings
In this Master Carpenter series, Bill Rainford shows how to get period details right with both power and hand tools

How it Works:  Electric Motors
Learn what the differences are between brushed and brushless electric motors

Break Out of the Indoors Contest
For all the details on our Break Out of the Indoors contest, to enter your project, or to view a gallery of previous years’ entries for inspiration, visit our online gallery

Online Archive:  Drawing Board
Browse through “Drawing Board” articles from past issues of Fine Homebuilding to find inspiring ideas and smart solutions for your next construction project

Interview:  Susan Marvin, Window Manufacturer
Keeping a labor force intact was one strategy a family business used to survive the recession by thinking about the future. Read the extended interview

Fine Homebuilding Issue #236
July 2013

Extra:  How to Seal 4 Hidden Air Leaks in Your House
Read about the most common large leaks, and learn how to seal them tight

Slideshow:  More Energy Solutions
Browse our entire collection of Energy-Smart Details to find more ways to boost the energy efficiency of your house

Video Series:  Build a New Deck
Watch veteran builder Mike Guertin as he builds a new deck on the Fine Homebuilding Project House

Video Series:  How to Build a Garden Shed
Watch and learn how to execute every detail of this custom shed
Purchase illustrated plans which include the detailed gang-cutting sequence of the half-lap joinery used to construct the garden shed
Rafter Jig: Print and use this jig to cut the rafter tails
3-D Model: Download the free SketchUp digital model (Free SketchUp software is required for viewing)

Master Carpenter Video Series:  How to Build a Floating Vanity
A modern cherry cabinet supports a heavy counter while levitating above the bath floor

Video Series:  How to Build a Bay-Window Roof
Builder Rick Arnold demonstrates his simplified method for laying out and framing a bay roof

Project Gallery:  Show Us Your Fireplace
There’s nothing like a fireplace to bring character and individuality to a room. Whether wood or stone, traditional or contemporary, new construction or renovation, Fine Homebuilding wants to see your fireplace

Fine Homebuilding Issue #235
Houses 2013

Commentary:  Why Can’t Architects and Builders Get Along?
Builders think architects are snooty and impractical. Architects think builders are stubborn and unimaginative. Who’s right?

Videos and Photo Galleries:  2013 HOUSES Awards
Get an in-depth look at the award-winning houses and the people who designed them:
Best New Home
Best Remodel
Best Energy-Smart Home
Best Retirement Home
Best Small Home
Editor's Choice

2014 HOUSES Awards:  Call for Entries
We’re always on the lookout for homes that showcase craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and smart design. Submit a project for next year’s HOUSES issue and a chance to win one of our HOUSES awards

Slideshow:  2013 Readers’ Choice Awards
Our readers got to pick their favorite houses from these ten finalists

Tailgate-Interview Bonus:  Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation
This organization works to broaden understanding about the many different roles women have in shaping the places and spaces in which we live and work

Fine Homebuilding Issue #234
May 2013

From Our Blogs:  Arguments in Favor of Exterior Air Barriers
Energy-efficiency experts share their insights about airtight wall and roof sheathing

Video Series:  How to Build a Bay-Window Roof
Builder Rick Arnold demonstrates his simplified method for laying out and framing a bay roof

Video Series:  How to Build a Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Countertop
Follow oncrete craftman Buddy Rhodes as he builds a custom vanity top with an integral sink

Video:  How to Sharpen a Block Plane
Associate editor Patrick McCombe shares tips for using diamond stones and water stones to put a perfect edge on your hand-plane iron

Disaster-Mitigation Resources:  Project Impact
Project Impact is an initiative originally sponsored by FEMA to assist local communities in becoming more disaster resistant

Fine Homebuilding Issue #233
March 2013

From  Raising the Bar on Energy Efficiency’s sister site has a collection of the most comprehensive design and how-to resources for building or renovating a house to Passive House standards

Video:  Measure Accurate Angles with Scraps of Paper
In this recent episode of There’s a Better Way, Chuck Miller shows how to make perfect miter cuts without a protractor or an angle gauge

Video Series:  Retrofitting French Doors
Watch the entire process of adding a new patio door to an existing house, from preparing and air-sealing the rough opening to installing the handles and screen doors

Video Series:  Old-School Path a Wide-Open Bath
Master tile setter Tom Meehan combines a time-tested mortar base with a modern waterproofing membrane and linear drain to create an easy-access shower

Video:  Bending Copper Chimney Flashing
Roofing project manager Dyami Plotke demonstrates how to fabricate complex pieces of flashing and describes the various pieces needed to make a chimney-to-roof connection watertight

Fine Homebuilding Issue #232
December 2012/January 2013

Video Series:  How to Build a Bay-Window Roof
With light coming from three directions, a bay window can really transform a space.

Video Series:  How to Build a Garden Shed
Backyard sheds are a popular do-it-yourself project. They’re relatively quick to build and have a little taste of everything from framing to finish.

Master Carpenter Video Series:  Reproducing a Corbel
Furniture maker Michael Fitzpatrick shows how he builds exact copies of architectural details for the restoration of his 19th-century house

Building Skills Video Series:  How To Install an Exterior Doorknob in a New Door
Associate editor Patrick McCombe demonstrates how to drill the proper holes for that new lockset or door handle

Tailgate Podcast:  The Green Architects Chat With John Straube
The renowned Canadian professor shares his views of building science and green building

Fine Homebuilding Issue #231
Kitchens & Baths 2012

Call for Entries: Kitchens & Baths 2013
Find out how to submit your project for consideration

Video Series:   How to Make a Built-in Mudroom Cabinet

Video Series:   How to Tile a Shower

Video Series:   How to Build Custom Cabinet Doors

Video Series:   How to Tile a Backsplash

Video Series:   How to Tile a Barrier-Free Bathroom

Article:  Mix and Match: Mail-Order Cabinets
How to get well-made, affordable cabinets from companies that specialize in boxes, doors, and drawers

Fine Homebuilding Issue #230
October/November 2012

Video Series:  Master Carpenter: Trick Trim Transitions
In this Master Carpenter video series, finish carpenter Tucker Windover shows how to make each interior detail look like it belongs. He’ll share tricks for getting clean lines every time on everything from stairs to soffits.

Video Series:  Replacing a Window in a Brick Wall
In this Project House video series, remodeling contractor Mike Sloggatt shows how to install a new flanged window in an existing brick wall.

Article:  Mudsills: Where the Framing Meets the Foundation
Even if the foundation is not square or level, getting the mudsills right will get you back on track

Fine Homebuilding Issue #229
August/September 2012

Guide to Painting:  Put a perfect finish on your next project
This collection of videos, articles, and tips shows you the techniques professional painters use to get the job done right. Plus, find reviews to help you choose the right paints, primers, and finishing tools.

Video: Master Carpenter: Trick Trim Transitions
Custom builder Sean Flynn demonstrates the steps he took to make this beautiful heart-pine and slate woven entry.

Article:  Frame a Strong, Stable Floor With I-Joists
In this article from our archives, builder John Spier explains why I-joists can save time and money, and demonstrates how to install I-joists correctly.

Article:  The Well-Framed Floor
Whether it's the floor of a big house or a small addition, an accurate layout promotes smooth installation

Article:  LVLs: A Strong Backbone for Floor Framing
Laminated-veneer lumber lets you assemble big beams without a big crew

Article:  Mudsills: Where the Framing Meets the Foundation
Even if the foundation is not square or level, getting the mudsills right will get you back on track

Fine Homebuilding Issue #228
June/July 2012

Video:   Mater Carpenter Video (Free Preview)
Get an inside look at one of the oldest forms of home building still in use.

Video:   How to Choose a Box-Beam Level
Learn how to choose the right box-beam level for the job.

Video:   Fine Homebuidling's Project House
Take a look at the progress our editors and authors have made in converting a two-car garage into a workshop and video studio.

Video Series:   How to Wire the Workshop Fine Homebulding's Project House
Electrician Brian Walo demonstrates how to organize, run wires, and connect single-pole and three-way light switches in the Project House workshop.

Video Series:   How to Build a Shed
Build a classic shed with digital plans, video instruction, and trade secrets and on-the-job time savers from the pros.

Video Series:   How to Replace a Roof
Watch and follow along as the garage workshop at FHB's Project House gets a new roof.

The Inspector Game: Decking Do's and Don'ts
Identify five changes that could be made to prevent a claim against the contractor's insurance policy.

Freestanding Decks Solve Ledger Attachment Challenges
Builder and contributing editor Mike Guertin offers ledger alternatives for when you just can't support the edge of a deck with the outside wall of your house.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #226
April/May 2012

Video:   How to Choose and Mix Ready Mix Joint Compound
In this Building Skills video, associate editor Patrick McCombe shows how thinning and mixing so-called ready-mix joint compound before use gives better results when taping drywall.

Video Series:  Master Carpenter: How To Fit Inset Cabinet Doors (FREE PREVIEW)
In the premiere episode of our new Master Carpenter video series, woodworker and writer Scott Gibson guides you through the process of fitting an inset door into a custom-built cabinet.

Video:   A Unique Way To Build Carriage-House Style Garage Doors
Watch this Project House video to get a behind-thescenes look at the custom doors Fine Homebuilding’s editors recently built for their new garage workshop.

Video:   Tool Review: Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saw
In latest Tool Hound episode, senior editor Justin Fink examines the ease of clean the new line of Lenox Speed Slot hole saws offers.

Green Building Advisor's Energy Star collection

The Inspector Game: Goofs on a Roof
Identify five items that will help keep the crew on the roof safe and out of the emergency room.

Spring 2012

Free Download:   A Better House, Not a Bigger One
Invest in high-end materials and workmanship rather than simply in square footage

Video:   How to Remodel an Elegant Kitchen On a Budget
In this video, hear how patience, hard work, and good fortune helped on couple turn their sad Victorian row house into a beautiful home.

Blog:   SquareOne Blog
Get more insight and ideas on creating the perfect home at SquareOne,'s design blog.

Bonus Article:   The Rotproof Porch
Get more insight and ideas on creating the perfect home at SquareOne,'s design blog.

Buy Duo Dickinson's new book, Staying Put

Fine Homebuilding Issue #225
February/March 2012

Video:   Kobalt enters the corldess-tool market
Senior editor Justin Fink has a lot of good things to say about the new Kobalt 18v drill-driver in this episode of Tool Hound.

Tool Reviews:   Help us pick the best compressor
The Tool Guide has been loaded with a list of portable compressors we’ll be testing for an upcoming article. You may be one of three lucky reviewers to win a copy of the complete Fine Homebuilding magazine archive on one easy-to-search DVD.

Video:   There's a better way: Drywall patch tip
To see a video version of this reader tip from FHB #225, visit the There's a Better Way blog with Chuck Miller.

Video Series:   Replacing a roof at Fine Homebulding's Project House
A pro roofing contractor demonstrates how to keep a job site clean, remove worn-out roofing, and replace damaged board sheathing before installing a new roof.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #224
December 2011/January 2012

Photo Contest:    Basement Makeover (contest is now closed)
Show off your family room, workshop, man cave, or whatever you’ve converted your basement into to win $100 worth of books or videos from the Taunton Store. Contest ends December 2.

Video:   How To Use a Japanese-Style Pull Saw
In this Building Skills video, timber-framer Will Beemer demonstrates how to use a Japanese-style pull saw.

Video:   Ultimate Drywall Finish
Watch a free episode of Myron R. Ferguson's drywall video series to learn about the tools and techniques you need to cover every imperfection and to make drywall surfaces super smooth.

Video:   Throw Away Your hammer Stapler and Get a Pneumatic Cap Fastener
In the latest installment of ToolHound, FHB Senior Editor Justin Fink demonstrates how cap-fasteners work and what their advantages are.

Video Series:   Retrofitting a Flanged Window at the FHB Project House
Watch as Bill Robinson adds a new flanged window to the garage of FHB's Project House.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #223
Kitchens & Baths 2011

Call for Entries: Kitchens & Baths 2012
Find out how to submit your project for consideration

Video :   Full-Scale Model
Fine Homebuildingdesign video, homeowner Craig Zehnder describes many of the hard-working details in this small-kitchen remodel, including the cardboard mock-ups he used to visualize how new cabinets would fit into the room.

Video:   Behind the Scenes: Beautiful on a Budget
In this video, hear how patience, hard work, and good fortune helped this couple turn their basket-case Victorian row house into a beautiful home. See some of the highlights of their elegant kitchen makeover in the article An Elegant Kitchen on a Budget from FHB #223.

Video Series :   How to Tile a Backsplash
Expert tilesetter Tom Meehan demonstrates pro-level techniques in this six-part series.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #222
October/November 2011

Video Series:   The FUBAR Chronicles
Finish carpenter Chris Whalen kicks off our new member video series, The FUBAR Chronicles, with the tricky reconstruction of a botched oak stair rail

Video Series:   How to air-seal an attic
Stop the air leaks and save big on your heating and cooling bills

Video Series:  How to repair damaged siding
Learn how to fix or replace broken shingles, clapboards, fiber cement, and vinyl

Video Series:  How to tile a shower
Learn how to install a custom tile shower from a professional tilesetter

Blog:   Planning projects in 3D
Learn how to take a photo of the room you’re working on and turn it into a plan for your next project in our SketchUp blog, Digital Job Site

Online Extra:  Download an inset-shear-wall construction detail
Follow the link above to download free plans for a shear wall you can use in your next project

Fine Homebuilding Issue #221
August/Septmeber 2011

Photo Contest:  Show us your shed
Post photos of your best backyard storage structers for a chance to win $100 worth in books or DVDs from the Fine Homebuilding store

Video:  Design Tips for Upper-Level Oriels
Join architect Katie Hutchison for a companion video tour to her Drawing Board column about upper-level oriels

Video:  Lstiburek’s Rules for Venting Roofs
Dr. Joseph Lstiburek talks about the not-so-controversial ways to maximize the efficiency and airflow of your roof and attic

Video:  There's a Better Way: Secure a door in a workbench
Watch as Scott Gibson shares a tip for holding doors if you don't have a fancy support fixture on your bench

Members-only video:   How to form, pour and finish concrete walkways
Watch this six-part series from Rick Arnold to learn how to make a curved concrete walkway

Blog:   Kuhl-est kid's room ever!
See the unique and creative way Steve Kuhl designed a one-of-a-kind pirate-themed bedroom for his nephew

Blog:   Patrick's Barn: Framing Continues
Follow the progress of Fine Homebuilding editor Patrick McCombe's latest backyard project: a new pole-barn workshop.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #220
June/July 2011

Blog:  Building Skills
Learn from legendary framer Larry Huan and his new sidekick, Scott Grice, how to snap lines a floor deck and much more

Photo Contest:  Happy Father's Day
Post your best photos of you working with your kids or your dad for a chance to win a great collection of new Stanley Bostitch tools

Members-only video:  Cabinet-door construction shoot-out
Watch as Joe Lanza and Scott Gibson build cabinet doors while heckling each other

Members-only video:   How to repair siding
Watch and learn from Mike Guertin how to repari four different siding types

Blog:   A garage fit for a queen
See the unique and creative way a pair of San Fransico homeowners added a garage to their 1900s Queen Anne Victorian home

Fine Homebuilding Issue #219
Houses 2011

Design Contest:  Interior-trim details
Post some photos of an attractive or clever interior-trim project you've designed or installed for a chance to win three Taunton books on wood flooring, deck building, and tiling

Video:  There's a Better Way
Watch Myron R. Ferguson's better way of getting mud on drywall: with a thick-nap paint roller

Members-only video:  Pro Video Series: How to install a hardwood floor
Charles Peterson shows how to install a hardwood floor the right way in this 10-episode For Pros, By Pros video series

Fine Homebuilding Issue #218
April/May 2011

Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand: SketchUp Model
If you're considering building a stand for yourself, or you just want to dissect our design, download the 3-D model here

Blog:   Breaktime Spotlight
A Breaktime contributor finds out how to reinforce 2x6 ceiling joists to handle heavy loads.

Gallery:   Best Window and Door Tips
Help us choose the most, useful, interesting, and innovative reader-submitted window and door tips

More Smart Phone Apps Reviews
Microsoft Bing Maps

Ice Damage: Wet Walls and Wasted Energy
Learn how ice dams form and how to prevent them

Hidden Deck Fasteners and Fastening Systems
Read about these topics and more in our Build a Deck blog

National Association of Home Builders

Video:   Replacing a Kitchen Sink
In this three-part series, plumber Bruce Norman demonstrates how to remove and replace a kitchen sink

Members-only video:   Hassle-Free Drywall Installation
In this six-part members-only video series, you'll learn how to get the smoothest walls in your house by working smarter, not harder

Fine Homebuilding Issue #217
February/March 2011

Blog:   Breaktime Spotlight
A Breaktime contributor needs help on the best way to attach a deck ledger to a house. Do deck ledgers need drainage, or should they be installed tight and flashed right?

Gallery:   Job-Site Dogs
Bark by popular demand. Post pictures of your carpentry canines, and we'll feature a new dog on the home page every week

Video:   There's a Better Way: A Sliding Toolbox for Your Pickup-Truck Bed
Watch Chuck Miller demonstrate a mash-up of reader tips

Making the Green-Building Dean's List
LEED for Homes is a new, comprehensive national certification program for green, energy-efficient homes. Builders who’ve tried it like it, but will it change the way houses are built?

Video:   How to Sharpen A Chisel With Diamond Hones and a Honing Guide
Watch a demonstration of a basic sharpening technique

Members-only video:   Install an Electrical Subpanel
A licensed electrician installs and wires a subpanel in the Fine Homebuilding project house

Fine Homebuilding Issue #216
December 2010/January 2011

Lead-Paint Resource Center
Learn how to keep your remodeling projects lead safe (and litigation free). Our resource center includes videos, downloadable articles, a compliance tool kit, and more.

Blog:   Breaktime Spotlight
A Breaktime contributor needs help on the best way to splice a beam over a supporting post for a deck. Learn what our forum respondents have to say.

Contest:   Show Us Your Miter-Saw Stand
Help us build the ultimate miter-saw stand, and win the ultimate miter saw to put on it

Contest:   Building Blunders
See the winners, and check out the photos of dumb, dangerous, and downright derelict details

Video:   There's a Better Way: Unloading Gravel
Forget about shoveling; watch Chuck Miller demonstrate a more efficient technique

Video series:   Air-Seal Your Attic
Learn to identify common air leaks and the best materials and methods to seal them right

Fine Homebuilding Issue #215
Kitchens & Baths 2010

Call for Entries: Kitchens & Baths 2011
Find out how to submit your project for consideration

Microsite:   Lead-Paint Remodeling Center
Learn about the new EPA rule, dowload our special report and renovator's checklish, and watch videos of how to set up the job site, both indoors and out

Blog:   Great Moments in Building History
Great Moments is no longer part of our magazine, but it has a new home on the Web, and best of all, you can submit your own story

Blog:   A Carpenter's View
Longtime Fine Homebuilding contributor Larry Hawn talks about life, carpentry, and whatever he wants to

Video :   Building Skills: Scribing Trim
Watch a veteran finish carpenter illustrate the basics of scribing a piece of trim to an uneven wall surface and a piece of beadboard around a window stool and apron
with Kit Camp

Fine Homebuilding Issue #214
October/November 2010

Design Contest:   Exterior Trim Details
Do you have some details that you think can take top prize? Post them in the gallery, and you might win a Senco cordless trim nailer

The Inspector Game: Framing
Identify nine items that will help the framer improve the energy performance of his next wall

Podcast:   Listen to a three-part podcast (and read the transcripts) on
1. What Is a Deep Energy Retrofit?
2. Deep Energy Retrofit: Focus on the Envelope
3. Deep Energy Retrofit: Apply the Energy Efficiency Pyramid

Thinning the Herd: How to Pick the Best Eco-builder
Download this white paper at

Stand Out from the Pack: Position Yourself as an Expert Eco-Builder
Download this white paper at

Microsite:   Lead-Paint Remodeling Center
Learn about the new EPA rule, dowload our special report and renovator's checklish, and watch videos of how to set up the job site, both indoors and out

Video series:   Window Flashing
Learn how to flash a window in a foam-sheathed wall

Video:   Hidden-Doorway Bookcase
See Jeremy Schrock's swinging bookcase in action

Storage Ideas and Solutions
Smart strategies for maximizing space

Tubular Skylights
There's no view of the sky and no direct sunlight, but they promise an easy installation and natural light for less than $200

Video series:   Built-in Build-off
A behind-the-scenes look at two very different ways to create custom mudroom cabinets

Fine Homebuilding Issue #213
August/September 2010

Blog:   Nitro-Powered Nailer from Senco
See this tool in action

Concrete Calculator for Pier Foundations
With this calculator, you can calculate the concrete amount in two ways: by the bag and by the cubic yard

Heat Pump, Schmeat Pump
See what others have to say about this controversial topic and post your own comment on the essay

Video series:   Building Skills
This month: simple wall-framing layout and working with housewrap

Video series:   Window Flashing a Window in a Foam-Sheathed Wall

Video series:   Built-in Build Off: Mudroom Cabinets
Watch a carpenter and a woodworker square off in our studios to create custom mudroom cabinets

Podcast:  Marianne Cusato
Listen to our complete interview with the designer of compact and affordable Katrina Cottages

The Inspector Game: Workshop Slackers
Find five ways for these builders to improve their work setup

Energy-Efficient Homes
A collection of articles on designing and building the ultimate energy-efficient house

Back Cover: When Imperfect Is Ideal
More photos and details on Geoff Alexander's spalted kitchen cabinets

Fine Homebuilding Issue #212
June/July 2010

Blog:   Tool Hound
Catch up on the latest tool news and product reviews

Interactive Graphic: Thermal Bridging
See how heat flows through the framing members in walls, roofs, and floors, and how to interrupt this heat flow with rigid insulation

Contest:   Break Out of the Indoors
Upload photos of your best decks, pergolas, arbors, and other outdoor projects by June 2. You might just bring home a brand-new DeWalt saw.

Video series:   Guide to Painting
Get total access to articles and videos on interior and exterior painting, prep, and cleanup

The Inspector Game: Rain-Screen Siding
Find five mistakes in this pitiful rain-screen wall, and turn the drainage nightmare into drain-plane nirvana

Ultimate Deck Guide
Download 15 articles with all you need to know about decks

Fine Homebuilding Issue #211
Houses 2010

Tutorials from Top Building Pros
Rick Arnold, Myron R. Ferguson, and Mike Guertin teach you everything from efficient framing techniques to rock-solid siding and drywall installation

Build Like a Pro Videos
See proven techniques covering every aspect of building and remodeling

Gallery contest: Break Out of the Indoors
Post a photo of your most beautiful outdoor project for a chance to win a saw and rip guide from DeWalt

Deck materials and cost calculator
Choose from a list of popular materials, price points, and rough dimensions for a customized estimate of what you can expect to pay

Audio slideshow: The House that Sausage Built
Tour the home of California sausage king Bruice Aidells, a visual tribute to Arts and Crafts masters Charles and Henry Greene

Deck Planning Center
Find photos, articles, tips, and videos to get your new deck off to a good start

Fine Homebuilding Issue #210
April/May 2010

Blog:   Tool Hound
Catch up on the latest tool news and product reviews

Drywall Calculator
Need help estimating drywall, mud, tape, and screws for your next project? Let our new drywall-coverage calculator do the math for you. And visit our new section on building calculators to estimate everything from shingles to kitchen cabinets

Contest:   Ultimate System Sweepstakes
Enter before May 31 for the chance to have your shop outfitted with the Ultimate Festool System. Winners will take home close to $10,000 in Festool Tools.

Video series:   Build Like a Pro: Tiling a Kitchen Backsplash and a Shower
Master the basics and learn advanced techniques

Passivehaus Windows
Learn more about these triple-glazed windows with insulated frames

Caution: Hard Hat Area
Tune in for outrageous job-site videos and stories and photos of home-building projects gone south

A new tag line for Fine Homebuilding?
Post your suggestions in our blog

Kitchen and Bath Planning Guide 2010

Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Calculator
Our new Cabinet and Countertop Calculator can help you to figure the cost of your dream kitchen. Mix and match materials, price points, and rough dimensions for a customized estimate of what you can expect to pay. Project Gallery
Find ideas and inspiration amid the hundreds of photos of kitchens and baths in the Project Gallery. You can post photos of your own projects, too.

7 Rules for Remodelers
Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional remodeler, you’ll want to pay attention to veteran contractor Mike Guertin’s seven rules for keeping clients happy before, during, and after a remodeling project.

Energy Smart Homes, Vol. 3

There's a Better Way: Cutting Rigid Insulation
Just because you can break it over your knee doesn’t mean rigid-foam insulation is easy to cut. Learn a great technique that will have you slicing foam easier than a hot knife through butter in our line video series “There's a Better Way.”

Green-Building Guide
Our essential online collection covers every aspect of the green-building process, from design and cost considerations to materials and process.

Green Tax Credit Guide
With more green tax credits available than ever before, now is the perfect time for homeowners and contractors alike to bone up on ecofriendly building practices. Our comprehensive guide can help to keep more green in your back pocket come tax time.

Video Series: How to Replace a Window
Go step-by-step through the process of replacing your old wooden windows in this Build Like a Pro video series.

The Guide to Energy-Efficient Homes
Learn more about this special issue from Fine Homebuilding, watch videos, and access a collection of articles and online tools to help you design and build an energy-efficient home.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #209
February/March 2010

The Ghost of Timbers Past
A multipart audio slideshow explores the dismantling, relocation, reassembly, and preservation of an 18th-century timber frame

Videos:   There's a Better Way
We've taken the best reader tips sent in over the past 25 years and turned them into a popular series. Catch up on the latest episodes.

Inside Crown Corners
Find out how others cut them, and defend your approach

Video series:   How to Replace a Window
Go step-by-step through the process of replacing your old wooden windows

Video: Guide to Interior Painting
Get tips, techniques, and material reviews you need to get a perfect finish on your next project.

Tool Guide 2.0
Visit the new and improved Tool guide for more than 500 product reviews, including some video reviews. Rate and review your tools today.

A Winning Wood Floor
See how photographer Randy O'Rourke spent nine hours suspended from the ceiling to get the back-cover photo for Fine Homebuilding 's February/March issue

Fine Homebuilding Issue #208
December 2009/January 2010

The Future of Efficient Framing
In this new interactive graphic, tour the framing of a house, and learn about opportunities for efficiency

Contest:   Kitchen Island Photo Challenge
Post photos of your most creative kitchen islands for a chance to win

Videos:   There's a Better Way
We've taken the best reader tips sent in over the past 25 years and turned them into a popular series. Catch up on the latest episodes.

Blog:   Tool Hound
Catch up on the latest tool news and product reviews

Video series:   How to Replace a Window
Go step-by-step through the process of replacing your old wooden windows

A Guide to Trim Carpentry
Master the fundamentals of installing trim, crown molding, and baseboard with advice from the pros

Trim Carpenter's Handbook
A collection of top picks from the Fine Homebuilding archive

Fine Homebuilding Issue #207
Kitchens & Baths 2009

Call for Entries: Kitchens & Baths 2010
Find out how to submit your project for consideration

Contest:   Kitchen Island Photo Challenge
Post photos of your most creative kitchen islands for a chance to win

Kitchen Upgrade Calculator
For an easy way to calculate costs for new cabinets and countertops, put away your pencil and check out our new online estimator

Kitchen Design: In the Zone
Create three distinct work areas with refined details to bring flexibility, flow, and function to your kitchen's layout. Then read Quality Accessories Help to Organize a Kitchen

Video :   Build Like a Pro: Replace a Sink Trap
In this members-only video, Bruce Norman explains how to rebuild an entire sink trap assembly and make it the best plumbing in the house
with Bruce Norman

Fine Homebuilding Issue #206
October/November 2009

There’s a Better Way: Quick Tips with Chuck  
Stack-cutting lumber
Revive old caulk tubes

Contest:   Timber-Frame Challenge
We're awarding points for complex joinery and overall aesthetics, so start uploading photos of your best timber-frame work now

Winners:   Roof-Framing Gallery Challenge
The five winning entries feature skill and style in abundance

Video:   Hammer to Hammer
Can bad things happen when you hit two hammer heads together? Watch the video and find out

Game:   The Inspector
Test your wiring knowledge, and spot the errors in this three-way switching diagram

Calculator:   Insulation Payback
Got a quote for replacing the insulation in your walls or attic? Find out how many years in energy savings it will take to recoup your investment

Poll:   Fire Code Change
Should fire sprinklers be required in all new homes? Cast your vote and join the discussion

Videos with the tool hound
Justin Fink takes a close look at the latest in home-building tools
Makita LS1016L sliding compound miter saw
Festool EHL 65 E power planer
Festool 14.4v cordless drill-driver

Fine Homebuilding Issue #205
August/September 2009

There’s a Better Way: Quick Tips with Chuck  
An efficient way to paint doors
Fitting coped crown molding

Ridgid's New Fiber Cement Saw
A Canadian contractor reviews the Fuego 5-in. saw

Making an Impression with a Plaster Ceiling Medallion
See additional photos and get details about Mike Dufano's ceiling medallion, featured on the back cover of Fine Homebuilding #205 (August/September 2009)

Ornamental Plaster Renovation
Making an impression with traditional techniques and materials, plus a few new twists

Game:   The Inspector
Test your building knowledge, and spot the errors in this photo

Video:   Build Like a Pro: How to Solder Copper Cap Flashing
Learn how to shape and solder copper cap flashing, a window's first line of defense against water and the best way to prevent rot, insects, and mold

Video workshop:   Build a Deck
Learn to build a custom deck with step-by-step instructions from footings to finish

The Deck Planning Center

Fine Homebuilding Issue #204
June/July 2009

There’s a Better Way: Quick Tips with Chuck  
Custom taping knife for curved drywall corners
A simple jig to draw an ellipse

Video:  Edging Stone Wall Capstones
A torch and water add sizzle and pop to this bluestone's edge

Video:  Setting Corner Stones in a Dry-Look Wall
Tight walls require the right stones and a judicious use of motar

Video: Build a temporary brace wall
Before tearing down a load-bearing wall, you need to adequately support the structure above.

The Deck Planning Center

Fine Homebuilding Issue #203
Houses 2009

Making the Most of Your Window Choices

The Future of Framing is Here
Smarter strategies can save money, speed construction, improve energy efficiency, and cut down on job-site waste

Remodeling from the Top Down
The phrase "flipping a house" means something entirely different to one Minnesota architect and his family

Fine Homebuilding Issue #202
April/May 2009

Video:   How to Make Basic PEX Connections
A plumber demonstrates how to connect PEX components with a push-fit fitting or a clamp ring

Video:   Direct Water Into Gutters with a Kickout Flashing Diverter
A proactive approach to flashing one of a roof's most vulnerable intersections

Audio slideshow:   Finishing New Stairs in an Old House
A finish job years in the making takes a few turns, but comes out all right in the end

Video:   How to Change Standard Thickness-Planer Blades
John White demonstrates his simple method for changing planer blades

Video:   How to Change the Blades on an Index-Bladed Planer
A shop pro teaches you how to extend the life of your portable thickness-planer blades and how to change them once they're spent

Video:   How to Change the Blade on a DeWalt DW735 Planer
An expert gives you a look under the hood and shows you how to change the blade of our tool test's "best overall"

How to Build a Shopmade Planer Table
This low-cost adjustable table prevents snipe

Video Workshop:   Installing Built-Up Crown Molding
Learn to make elegant crown molding by combining profiles into a stacked profile that creates a big impact

Quick Video Tips with Chuck  
Minimize Circular-Saw Tearout
Precision Caulking

Fine Homebuilding Issue #201
February/March 2009

Video:   Repairing Air Hoses
Learn the differences between materials and three easy fixes that can make a damaged hose as good as new

Audio slideshow:   Pacific Northwest Architecture
An architect highlights the hallmarks of a style that responds to its environment

Video:   Inspecting a Chimney
An expert mason walks you through his diagnosis of a failing chimney

Video:   Learn to Frame a Rough Opening
Scott Grice shares his method for framing rough door openings efficiently

Video:   Simplify Door Installation
A carpenter demonstrates how he uses a jig to measure a door's jamb legs with speed and accuracy

Video tips:  
Small-Scale Drywall Texturing
Cutting Rigid Insulation

Fine Homebuilding Energy-Smart Homes, Vol. 2
Winter 2009

Video:   New Options for Blown-in Insulation
Less dusty than cellulose, blown-in fiberglass increases R-value and installs quickly

Getting to Net-Zero Energy
Common-sense solutions for creating homes that are self-reliant, resilient, and versatile

Sealing Leaks around a Chimney
Learn how using a piece of aluminum drip edge, a tube of sealant, and a few drywall screws can stop one of the biggest air leaks in your home

Solar Hot Water
Look over the shoulder of an expert installer as he fastens panels to the roof and explains how the system works

Video series:   Ask the Energy Expert
Energy-smart remodeling advice

Fine Homebuilding Issue #200
December 2008/January 2009

New blogs
The Daily Scoop
Find the latest building-industry news on the topics that matter the most to your business
The Deans of Green
Get credible green-building and design information from industry experts

Video:   Home-Energy Audits Save Homeowners Money
Blower-door tests improve efficiency and lower energy costs by finding where heated air escapes

Video:   Cutting Curves with a Wet Saw
Cutting the outside radius is easy, but the inside radius requires a few extra steps and some skill

Video:   Cutting Curves in Marble with a Ring-Blade Wet Saw
This specialized tile saw makes quick work of shaping stone and glass tiles

Video:  Using a Pocket-Hole Jig
A pocket-hole jig makes cabinet assembly fast and easy

Video:   Blowing Fiberglass Insulation
Less dusty than cellulose, blown-in fiberglass increases R-value and installs quickly

Video:   3 Ways to Wrap Cords and Hoses
Maintain the quality of cords and hoses, and avoid kinks and tangles by using proper wrapping technique

Video:   Adding a Mitered Integral Bead to Cabinet Face Frames
This detail softens the edge while creating a deep shadowline

Video:   Using a Moisture Meter
An accurate moisture meter is the most important tool a wood-floor installer can use

Video:   16-Ga. Finish Nailer Roundup, Part One
Rick Arnold lists his top four must-have features that distinguish one nailer in a market of many

Video:   16-Ga. Finish Nailer Roundup, Part Two
Secondary features worth considering when choosing a finish nailer

Video:   16-Ga. Finish Nailer Roundup, Gun By Gun
Rick Arnold reviews the top features of more than a dozen 16-ga. finish nailers

Video:   Tool Review: Milwaukee's New 12-in. Miter Saw
Take a look at the "best overall" in the 12-in miter-saw category

Video tips
Plywood sheet-metal brake
Drywall cutting-tool protection strips

Fine Homebuilding Issue #199
Kitchens & Baths 2008

Audio:   Balancing the Save/Splurge Equation
An Austin architect believes that by focusing on key upgrades, an old kitchen can be transformed without sacrificing quality, durability, or style

Frame-and-Panel Cabinet Doors Made Easy
Cope-and-stick router bits are quick but tricky. Here's how to get perfect results

Foot Traffic Goes Out the Door
Before, during, and after photos of space-saving techniques for a compact kitchen remodel

New Products at West Coast Green 2008
Fine Homebuilding managing editor Brian Pontolilo walked the floors of West Coast Green 2008 and came back with these standouts

Video :   Building Green Homes in the Pacific Northwest
Take video tours of new and newly remodeled green homes, and learn how the homeowners and contractors achieved their affordability goals

Delve into the Details as you Soak in the Serenity
An architect/landscape design team transform an open field into a place for reflection

Fine Homebuilding Issue #198
October/November 2008

Job-Site Router Techniques
Gary Striegler shares the skills—and the tools—that make better site-built cabinetry, casing, brackets, and flooring

Keep Your Basement Dry With a Curtain Drain
If your house is under assult from groundwater, make perforated pipe your first line of defense

Video:   Weatherstripping a Door
Only once you get your doors tight are you ready to weatherstrip

Collection:   Proper Paint Preparation
Click before you dip. For a quality paint job, the first thing you need to do is consult our collection of tips and advice from the pros.

Video:  This Roof Grows Greener
Learn how planting a roof can help fight global warming

Video:  Handheld Laser Measuring Tools
Laser measures do the math for you. Can your tape measure do that?

Video:   Using a Worm-Drive Saw
Learn how to adjust the bevel angle and blade depth, how to make precise plunge and bevel cuts, and how to use the weight of the saw to your advantage

Video:   Creating Curved Flooring
Use a jigsaw and a router to cut the shape and laminate the thinner strips for a decorative accent

video master class:   Running Baseboard
Get a pro's insights on making perfect corners, measuring for accuracy and speed, outsmarting an uneven floor, and hand-coping inside corners

Video tips
Tool-Belt Pencil Sharpener
Working with Tough, Sticky Tape
Stud Finder on a Chain
Prompt Power-Cord Polarity

Fine Homebuilding Issue #197
August/September 2008

Video:   Taping and Mudding Inside Corners
For drywall novices, there's nothing more challenging—or messy—than finishing inside corners

Video:   Video Tool Test: Trim Routers

Audio:   Making the Most of a Small Space

Video:  Factory Tour: From Raw Logs to Finished Siding
Inside these Pacific Northwest lumber mills, modern equipment and century-old saws share the spotlight

Video:  Factory Tour: Inside a Factory-Finished Siding Plant
For a 25-year warranty on your siding, don't hire a painter. Instead, hire a factory.

Video:   Matching Stains to Existing Cabinets
When off-the-shelf stains don't match, here's how to make your own

Video:   Tool Review: Festool Kapex Miter Saw
Festool's new Kapex KS120 SCM delivers on features, precision

Audio:   Flashing a Window's Head Casing

Video tips
Insulation T-Lift
A Better Work Light for Cramped Conditions
A Big Table for a Portable Tablesaw

Fine Homebuilding Decks & Outdoor Projects, Volume 2
Summer 2008

Video:   Using a Skid-Steer Loader
Grading a driveway with one of these machines saves a lot of time, but much of the work is done in reverse

Video:   Mixing Concrete in a Wheelbarrow
A simple wheelbarrow, a stiff rake, and a reliable process transform the task of mixing concrete from backbreaker to no-brainer

Video:   Assembling an Adirondack Chair
Watch the parts go together and learn a simple technique for cutting and shaping the arms

Video:   Planting Container-Grown Ornamentals

Video:   Planting Balled and Burlapped Woodies

Video:   Planting Bare-Root Plants

Fine Homebuilding Issue #196
June/July 2008

Video:   Hanging Drywall
Watch Myron R. Ferguson demonstrate his techniques for smooth, mess-free drywall hanging

Audio:   Forming and Pouring a Concrete Sill
Inspired by the concrete countertops in her kitchen, a homeowner hired Michigan-based builder Jeff Louwsma to craft a concrete sill for her cherry entry door. In this audio slideshow, Louwsma explains the process step by step.

Video:   Testing Cordless Impact Drivers
With so many models on the market, which one is for you?

Video:   Slip Inside a Skinny House
What sort of house can you build on a 25-ft. by 100-ft. lot? Architect Roxana Vargas-Greenan walks you through her award-winning design.

Video:   Choosing and Using Electrical Testers
Learn to choose the right tester for the job, and use it with confidence

Audio:   Protective Isolation Membranes
Applying a barrier where deck hardware contacts pressure-treated wood can help both last longer

Creating the Poetry House
Salvaged materials and unorthodox building methods are used to create a small, sacred structure

Video:   Spectacular Sashes: Constructing Custom Mahogany Windows
Watch the construction of intricate reproduction mahogany windows for a Manhattan row house

Video:   Spectacular Sashes: Assembling Custom Mahogany Windows
Large reproduction mahogany windows are painstakingly reassembled and installed in a Manhattan row house

Fine Homebuilding Issue #195
Houses 2008

Understanding LEED-H Scorecards
Reports from three case studies outline what it takes to achieve LEED for Home's silver, gold, and platinum ratings

Tax Credits for Historic Buildings
Federal and state incentive programs make rehabilitating durable old buildings cost-effective

Real-World Rebuild on a Budget
Resourceful homeowners apply Duo Dickinson's "10 steps to reduce an architect's fees" to rebuild the home they lost in a fire

Smart Massing adds Space and Light
Go inside this lakeside cottage to see how massing influences interior shapes

Common-Sense Design
Architectural designer and creator of Katrina Cottage I, Marianne Cusato, shares her design principles for creating functional, attractive homes

Fine Homebuilding Great Kitchens
Spring/Summer 2008

Kitchen Cabinets and Parts Guide
Sound buying advice and a listing of cabinet box, door, and drawer manufacturers

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen
Design consultant and author Deborah Krasner says homeowners should first assess their needs when planning outdoor spaces

Interview with a Cabinetmaker
Six of the most talented cabinetmakers in the country reveal how they approach their craft

A Narrow Kitchen Opens Up
Increased access and creative cabinetry let a small kitchen live big

Fine Homebuilding Issue #194
April/May 2008

Video:   What's Green in Brooklyn?
Tour the IceStone plant, where recycled glass and concrete combine to form green countertops and floors you'd swear were stone

Flashing Replacement Windows
This method prevents future leaks and avoids finger pointing

Video:   Math Shortcuts for a Shed
A construction calculator is handy not only for determining pitch angles and rafter lengths but also for reducing waste and planning before the lumber arrives

Video:   Miter-Saw Features Roundup
A pro tests the top six 12-in. sliding compound-miter saws and details the positive and negative attributes of each

Finishing a Patio Slab
Function determines if the patio's surface is coarse or smooth

Video:   Job-Site Sharpening
A belt sander, two honing stones, and stropping compound are all you need to revive a dull or chipped chisel

Video:   Inspecting Old Houses
In this four-part video series, author, carpenter, and old-house restoration specialist George Nash inspects a 200-year-old house from attic to basement, inside and out

Fine Homebuilding Issue #193
February/March 2008

Video:   Custom Knives, Custom Moldings
A tour inside The New England Woodworking Company's millwork shop

High-Performance HVAC Systems
The key is in understanding how your building's systems work together

Videos:   Innovative products featured in the PATH Concept Home
Manufacturers explain the benefits of the products in this house

Video:   Cutting Fiber Cement with a Circular Saw
For straight cuts, a circular saw with a specialized blade is the tool of choice

Video:   Cutting Curves and Holes in Fiber Cement
A scribe, a hole saw, nibblers, and a jigsaw are all good options when anything but a straight cut is required

Video:   Cutting Fiber Cement with Shears
Shears make a nice, clean cut while protecting both your material and your lungs

Video:   Nail-Removal Tricks
Remove nails the right way to salvage your boards, your hammer and your hands

Audio:   Sunny Skies for Solar Energy
Video interviews and product demonstarations captured at the 2007 Department of Energy Solar Decathlon in Washington, D.C. and at the West Coast Green expo in San Francisco

Audio:   An Interview with Henry Cisneros
Minority populations will drive the housing boom and urban renaissance on the horizon

Fine Homebuilding Energy-Smart Homes, Vol. 1
Winter 2008

Video:   Immersed in SIPs
Watch how structural insulated panels are manufactured

Installing Housewrap
When properly detailed, high-tech wrappings can reduce the flow of air into outside walls while allowing moisture to escape

Video:   Video Highlights from West Coast Green 2007
New and notable green products builders, designers and homeowners can get excited about

Video:   Highlights from the Solar Decathlon
Fine Homebuilding editors present video interviews and product demonstrations

Fine Homebuilding Issue #192
December 2007/January 2008

Video:   Worm-Drive Saw Master Class
From plunge cuts to drop cuts, learn how to use the weight of a worm-drive saw to your advantage

Beneath the Surface at Montpelier
An inside look at the restoration of a house that made history

Book Excerpt: A Gallery of Unique Fireplaces
Deconstructing fire bricks and ingelnooks, plus Rumford, Irori and Kiva fireplaces explained

Video:   Fine-Tuning Hinges
Incremental adjustments do the trick

Plans: Extending a Tablesaw's Worksurface
An infeed support arm and outfeed table improve extra reach and stability

Boosting Tankless Water Heaters
A solar water heater and radiant-floor heat maximize efficiency

Greener by Design
Faced with strict historic building guidelines, an architect gets clever to stay green

Fit New Sashes in Old Jambs
A primer on fitting plumb rails into crooked jambs

Fine Homebuilding Issue #191
Kitchens & Baths 2007

A Bento-Box Bath
A cast-in-place concrete soaking tub is the centerpiece of this Japanese-inspired bath

A Decisive Bathroom Remodel
A quick bathroom makeover turns into a total gut job for one of Fine Homebuilding's Breaktimers

Video:   Build a Breakfast Booth
A 14-part step-by-step video tutorial on building the bench

Souped-Up Stock Cabinets
Standard boxes plus stock moldings can transform any kitchen from dull and dreary to dazzling and delightful

Fine Homebuilding Issue #190
October/November 2007

Quick Tips for Better Stair Building
A master stairbuilder shares five simple techniques that greatly improve staircase construction

Downloadable Plan for a Knockdown Router Table
A detailed, scalable parts drawing serves as the blueprint for your own router table

Concrete Countertops, Up Close
A primer on building three-part forms for custom installations

A Volunteer's Gulf Coast Journal
A contractor shares his experiences helping to rebuild a Katrina-ravaged community

Video:   Using a Sheet Brake
A professional roofer demonstrates ways to use a stationary brake

Sanding Stands Add Versatility to Belt Sanders
Sanding stand attachments turn a mobile tool into a benchtop workstation

Sanding Frames for Belt Sanders
These add-on accessories keep sanders flat to prevent ugly gouges

Additional Kitchen Cabinet Sources
Sound buying advice and a listing of cabinet box, door, and drawer manufacturers

Finishing a Masterpiece
Learn how a stone carver transformed a massive soapstone fireplace surround from its raw, hand-carved state to a deep, smooth, ebony finish

Fine Homebuilding Weekend Projects Around the House
Fall 2007

Restoring Window Sashes
Yes, they're worth fixing. Those old windows were built better (and from better wood) than anything you can buy today.

Lead-Paint Safety, at Home and on the Job
Whether you're remodeling an older home or just living in one, the paint must be treated with respect, especially if young children are involved

Repairing Drywall
Techniques for fixing everything from popped screws to big holes

Fine Homebuilding Issue #189
August/September 2007

Interview with a Cabinetmaker
Six skilled artisans talk about their craft

Additions Need Not Apply
Before and after photos of the McCoy/Judge ranch remodel

Video:  Factory-Framed Floors
Watch Millard Lumber’s floor panel assembly line and an installation at the PATH Concept Home

More Miter-Saw-Stands-Reviewed
Here’s a look at seven additional stands not included in the print article

Video:  Miter-Saw-Stand Madness
Mike Guertin explains the classes of miter-saw stands and demonstrates their benefits.

Video:  Repair a Garbage Disposal Safely
Learn how to clear a jammed garbage disposal and replace the unit properly

Video:  Build a Cutting Gauge

Fine Homebuilding Issue #188
June/July 2007

How to Shape Stone with a Chisel and Hammer
Breaking stones is more of an art than a game of chance

Video:  Circular-Saw Tune-Up
Extend the life of your circular saw with simple cleaning and maintenance

Video:  Replacing a Circular-Saw Switch and Cord
A tool pro demonstrates a common circular saw repair

How Giant Clamshells Form
A slideshow details the construction of a masterfully crafted Rhode Island entry

Video:   A Visit to a Shingling Recycling Factory
How a Connecticut recycler keeps old shingles out of the landfill

Video:   Immersed in SIPs
Tour a SIP manufacturing facility in Vermont

Blog: John Ross chronicles SIP building

Fine Homebuilding Issue #187
Houses 2007

A Closer Look: Colonial Roots, Fresh Approach
Additional views of carvings and daylighting strategies

A Closer Look: Seduced by the Shingle Style
More cozy interior spaces and dynamic exterior details

Video:  Maximizing a Small Space Homeowner Tour
A homeowner takes you on a guided tour of her big little backyard house

Video:  Maximizing a Small Space Architect Tour
Take an architect-guided tour of the big little backyard house

A Closer Look: At Home on a Hilltop
Additional views of the hilltop, the house, and its built-in details

A Closer Look: Growing Family, Growing Bungalow
More ideas for combining traditional Craftsman-style details with modern design and materials

Video:  Building Codes for a Small Planet
An argument for principles that moderate the negative impacts of construction and development

Video:  Great Gates for Any House
Watch gate maker Julian Hodges carve a quatrefoil

Fine Homebuilding Home Makeover Ideas
Summer 2007

The Perfect Master Bath
An architect's advice on turning a good bath into a great bath -- without breaking the bank

Classical Proportions Make Attractive Trim
Greek and Roman orders of architecture can help establish molding size and placement

Five Kitchen Design Solutions (opens in new window)
Take an interactive look at how to solve some tricky -- but common -- kitchen-design challenges

A Victorian Re-imagined (opens in new window)
Greek and Roman orders of architecture can help establish molding size and placement

Fine Homebuilding Issue #186
April/May 2007

Weatherproofing Dormers
Flashing dormers using peel-and-stick "bowties"

Installing Precast Concrete Foundation Wall Panels Set on Gravel Footings
So easy, even a carpenter can do it

Mantel Drawings: a 3-D Animation
A free 3D drawing tool helps visualize difficult projects before you make your first cut

Video:  Mixing Concrete in a Wheelbarrow
A simple wheelbarrow, a stiff rake, and a reliable process transform the task of mixing concrete from backbreaker to no-brainer

Inside the Hobbit House
A photo tour of a modern-day cottage based on mythical literature

Fine Homebuilding Issue #185
February/March 2007

Get the Right Replacement Windows (pdf)
They're a big investment with a big potential payoff. Here's what you need to know about types, warranties, comfort, and installation.

Green Building Resources
Learn more about sustainable building from the listings below

Video:  Slate Roofing and Repair Techniques
A skilled installer shows how to work with slate tiles

Blog: Building the PATH Concept Home
An insider's look at a public-private partnership in Omaha, NE which promotes the advancement of technology in housing

Fine Homebuilding Issue #184
December 2006/January 2007

Laser Levels: Manufacturers
A list of links to view the tools and their specs

Fine Homebuilding Issue #183
Kitchens & Baths 2006

More Fixtures & Materials
Three new and noteworthy products for kitchen and bath

Kitchen Islands -- More Solutions, More Photos
Masterfully tailored to their spaces, these kitchen workstations designed by Johnny Grey show how to combine utility with panache

Kitchens & Baths 2006: Manufacturers
Links to manufacturers' Web sites mentioned in Fine Homebuilding's Kitchens & Baths 2006 issue

Hot-Water Recirculation
Discuss hot-water recirculation with a master plumber and an energy specialist

Fine Homebuilding Issue #182
October/November 2006

Laminate-Flooring Manufacturers and Links to Online Retailers
A list of links to view products and see specs

Fine Homebuilding Issue #181
August/September 2006

Video:  Back Brushing
Learn how to even out the coverage as you spray

Video:  Exterior Masking
A few minutes of work before you paint can save hours of cleanup later

More on Old Wiring
Specialty testers and code issues

Fine Homebuilding Issue #180
June/July 2006

Video:  PEX Water-Pipe Connections
Leakproof joints are made faster than soldering

Video:  Using a Crosscut Sled
A crosscut sled not only increases the safety of working with a tablesaw, but also enhances the versatility of the tool itself

Fine Homebuilding Issue #178
April/May 2006

Video:  Using a Rotary Floor Machine
Creating and maintaining a decorative concrete floor requires a rotary floor machine -- here's how to use one

A List of Air-Compressor Manufacturers
Browse the Web sites of air compressor manufacturers to look for a model that suits your needs and budget

Fine Homebuilding Issue #177
February/March 2006

Video:  Making a Story Stick
A story stick can save time and minimize measuring mistakes during cabinet construction

Video:  Stone Veneering
You can make a plain-looking wall into a great-looking rock wall by veneering it with fieldstone

Fine Homebuilding Issue #170
April/May 2005

Framing a Staircase
34 steps to building cut-stringer stairs

Fine Homebuilding Issue #169
February/March 2005

Video:  Bend Sheet Metal without a Brake
Save money on small jobs by using hinged 2x4s

Video:  Homemade Pan Flashing
Protect the subfloor from rot by directing errant water, from leaks, out and away from the building

Video:  Cutting Long Stock on Sawhorses
It might seem counter-intuitive, but keep the horses close together

More on Old Wiring
Specialty testers and code issues

Fine Homebuilding Issue #168
December 2004/January 2005

Video:  Electrical Lockout/Tagout
Cut the power at the circuit box, and keep it off, before starting any electrical work

Video:  Checking Clearance for Recessed Lighting
Don't cut the hole unless you know there's enough room for the fixture

Video:  Long Electrical Runs in Closed Walls
Long drill bits eliminate the need to punch holes in plaster or drywall when fishing cable behind closed walls

Rain-Screen Walls: A Better Way to Install Siding
Spacing the siding away from the housewrap promotes ventilation and drainage for long-lasting siding and paint

What's Your Favorite Tool for $20 or Less?
See issue #168 for the editors' choices; post your own favorites on Breaktime

Fine Homebuilding Issue #166
October/November 2004

Raising a 12x16 Timber Frame
A parts list and a close look as timbers come together as a structure

Counter Act
A belt sander will be your best friend when fitting factory-made laminate countertops to wavy walls

More Painting Tips
A painting pro answers common questions

Fine Homebuilding Issue #165
August/September 2004

Video:  Three Router Bits for a Handsome Transom
Routers equipped with a slot cutter, a rabbeting bit, and a roundover bit do the work of costly shapers

Fine Homebuilding Issue #164
June/July 2004

Video:  Taping Drywall Seams
Create perfect walls with minimal mess, effort, and frustration

Fine Homebuilding Issue #161
February/March 2004

Video:  Using a Water Level
All you really need are a length of plastic tubing and a bucket of water

Video:  Tape-Measure Tips
Not all tapes are created equal, so here are some pointers for making accurate measurements

Fine Homebuilding Issue #160
December 2003/January 2004

Installing a Leakproof Shower Pan
A thick mortar bed over a vinyl membrane makes a sturdy base for tile, but it pays to test for leaks

Framing a Bay-Window Roof
It's only a small hip roof, but its 45° corners befuddle many carpenters. Drawing bay roofs out full scale is key to fast and accurate framing.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #159
Kitchens & Baths Annual Issue - Winter 2003

QuickTime Virtual Tours
Take a peek inside three spectacular kitchens and a bath

Fine Homebuilding Issue #157
August/September 2003

Video:  Using a Builder's Level
Find the high spots by comparing measurements taken at different points along the foundation

SawStop Revisited
SawStop inventor launches own line of safety-minded table saws

Fine Homebuilding Issue #156
June/July 2003

Plugging into the Sun
Solar electricity was always a good idea. Is it finally affordable? Use this photovoltaic economic calculator to find out.

Finishing Hardwood Floors
A professional takes the fear out of sanding and shows how to get great results with waterborne finishes

Fine Homebuilding Issue #154
April/May 2003

Vinyl Siding Done Right
If vinyl's final, you'd best get the details right. A veteran builder shows how to make it water-resistant and attractive.

Installing Vinyl-Clad Windows
A nailing flange makes installation quick and easy; but pay attention to the details, or you'll never get the windows open

Video:  Cutting Plywood without a Tablesaw
Jigs can turn an ordinary circular saw into an accurate cutting tool

Fine Homebuilding Issue #153
February/March 2003

Understanding Cordless-Tool Batteries
Misused batteries die young. Replacements are costly. Here's how to get the longest life from your batteries.

Video:  Making Treehouses for Kids in Wheelchairs
Vermont group creates treehouses for wheelchair-bound kids

Video:  Painting Tips from a Pro: Make a Cut Bucket
Loading the brush is easier and less messy with a rimless paint container

Video:  Painting Tips from a Pro: How to Cut In in a Straight Line
Painting along an edge requires a drier brush and a steady hand

Fine Homebuilding Issue #152
December 2002/January 2003

Choosing and Using a Miter Saw
These indispensable tools come in many shapes and sizes; here's how to get the most from them

Video:  "Upside Down and Backward" Still Works Best for Crown Molding
A simple jig and a couple of pattern blocks reduce the risk of cutting at the wrong angle

Video:  Preparing the Valley of a Roof for Shingling
Proper preparation goes a long way toward preventing leaks

Fine Homebuilding Issue #151
Kitchens & Baths Annual Issue - Winter 2002

Expanded Source List for Kitchen Flooring
Links to makers of laminates, wood , bamboo, palm, rubber, stainless steel, cork, vinyl, linoleum, tile, and stone flooring

Fine Homebuilding Issue #150
October/November 2002

Video:  Proper Care and Fitting of Respirators for Lead Dust Protection
Workers need more than paper masks when lead dust starts flying

Sizing an Electrical Service
Although a 200-amp service is adequate for most residences, calculating the actual load is a good idea. This chart from Code Check Electrical can help you with your calculations.

Fine Homebuilding Issue #149
August/September 2002

Video:  Using a Skid-Steer Loader
Grading a driveway with one of these machines saves a lot of time, but much of the work is done in reverse

No Carpenters Were Harmed in the Making of This Article
Executive editor Andy Engel explains the pros and cons of using a mock job site for a photo shoot

Fine Homebuilding Issue #148
June/July 2002

Video:  Cordless Impact Drivers
If all you've ever used for driving screws is a cordless drill/driver, try one of these lightweight powerhouses and you'll never go back

Why Exterior Finishes Fail
Government scientists explain why paint cracks, blisters and peels on your house, and how you can prevent it

Video:  Cut a Radius in Ceramic Tile with a Wet Saw
Although wet saws cut only straight lines, they still can be used to cut a radius

Fine Homebuilding Issue #146
April/May 2002

Laying Out Three-Tab Shingles
Spend a little time measuring and striking lines, and the rest is fairly easy

Video:  "Upside Down and Backward" Still Works Best for Crown Molding
A simple jig and a couple of pattern blocks reduce the risk of cutting at the wrong angle

Fine Homebuilding Issue #145
February/March 2002

Video:  A Quiet House on a Noisy Street
22,000 cars a day presented a design challenge that creativity and zoning variances surmounted

Fine Homebuilding Issue #144
December 2001/January 2002

Video:  Distribute Hardwood Flooring before Nailing
Rack the boards and make installation a smoother operation

Video:  Three Ways to Mount an Electrical Box in a Tight Spot
With limited space to swing a hammer, there are still ways to install the box securely

Dedicated Collets vs. Collets with Inserts
One type is easier to use; the other is easier to lose

Fine Homebuilding Issue #142
October 2001/November 2001

Video:  Stop Ceiling-Fan Blade Wobble
Using the balancing clip is a tedious job, but necessary when all else fails

Fine Homebuilding Issue #140
June/July 2001

Video:  Hand Signals for Cranes
Getting the crane to do what you need is as simple as pointing your finger

Fine Homebuilding Issue #139
HOUSES Spring/Summer 2001