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For this video series, we tackle the topic of preparing a room for finish paint, on-site in New Milford, Conn. Before you begin the process, be sure to follow these simple steps for job site preparation.

Step 1 - Drop Cloth the Entire Room
After the furniture is removed, cover the floor with heavy-duty canvas drop cloths. Use 9' x 12' drop cloths near walls, 4' x 12' cloths under tools and paint, and a 12' x 15' cloth to cover large areas of flooring or furniture. Don't skimp on the drop cloths. Cheap products can allow paint to seep through, and plastic drop cloths can be slippery.

Step 2 - Organize and Stage Essential Tools
Keep all commonly used tools close at hand. This helps the work to go smoothly. Place these tools on their own drop cloth in an easily accessible but out-of-the-way area.

Step 3 - Light the Space
Set up halogen lamps on a stand, and clamp circular incandescent lamps wherever possible. Set the lights in a position that eliminates shadows and works best with the natural light coming into the room. Adjust the lights as conditions change.

Step 4 - Remove Wall and Ceiling Obstructions
Don't try to paint around removable elements such as window treatments, sconces, outlet covers, switch covers, thermostats, and recessed-light trim rings. Large fixtures, such as chandeliers, can be covered with plastic instead of being removed. The escutcheons can be unscrewed and lowered.

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Jim Lacey

Bethel, Connecticut

Scott Grice

Jim Lacey got his start painting and remodeling old houses at the age of 15 and has been at it ever since. Jim painted his way through college, where he earned an English degree, and enjoyed the work so much that he decided to start Lacey Painting in 1991. He lives in Bethel, Conn., with his wife, Kristen, and their two children, Luke and Brooke, in an antique reproduction saltbox he built.

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