thumb Introduction: Replacing a Window (Now Playing)

Get an overview of the process and some key pointers to consider before you begin your project.

thumb Removing the Old Window

Learn the sequence for safe, clean window removal. First, Scott shows how to measure accurately for a new window, then takes us through the process of removing the old one step by step.

thumb Preparing the Opening

Blocking and furring the rough opening to the right size is a crucial step. In this video, Scott shows us his technique for framing the opening quickly and without mess.

thumb Flashing the New Window

The most important defense against water infiltration is flashing. Learn where to start, what flashing to use, and when more flashing is doing more harm than good.

thumb Setting the Window

Learn where to secure the window, how to avoid bowing or distorting the window’s shape, and where to place the shims.

thumb Replacing the Exterior Trim

Watch as Scott reveals his secrets for site-fashioning a custom sill, caulking for a weatherproof barrier, and applying a cap flashing.

thumb Replacing Interior Trim

Scott puts on the finishing touches and explains the best techniques for weatherizing before the trim goes on, the way to make a custom stool, and the technique for perfectly applying jamb extensions.

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Scott Grice

Portland, Oregon

Scott Grice

Scott Grice chose a career in carpentry when he discovered that his bachelor’s degree in philosophy wasn’t too marketable. Scott now runs his own construction company specializing in fences, decks, and porches. Scott also has a major renovation under way at his own house, a beautiful bungalow that’s gaining a full basement.

For this video series, we dive into the world of remodeling on site in Portland, Oregon.

Aesthetically, old windows have charm to spare. Functionally, they are not so charming. Old windows may not operate smoothly. They might as well be open for the amount of cold air they let in. And each chip of paint is a potential morsel of lead poisoning for any kid, cat, or dog that happens to wander by.

Replacing a window is a basic project best tackled in steps that include measuring for and ordering a new window, taking out the old window, blocking and furring the rough opening, flashing the opening, setting and securing the window, applying the exterior trim, and applying the interior trim

When replacing a window, Scott chooses a unit that balances energy-efficient features with historic charm. For this job, Scott chose a wood window because it matches the rest of the windows in the house. For a situation like this, Scott orders windows without the trim or sill attached so that he can apply custom trim that matches the house.

Remodeling is messy, so when tackling a project like this, Scott works hard to keep the scope of the project limited. Most important is to size the window so that the existing siding won’t have to be cut back. This means the new window plus the trim will fit exactly into the space left by the old siding.

Also, when Scott gets down to installation, he makes sure the new window will fit in the opening the way it’s supposed to before he removes the old window. It’s not charming to have a piece of plywood covering a hole in the wall for six weeks while waiting for the new window to arrive.

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