Built-up Crown for a Big Impact

An impressive crown molding profile, or cornice, is an easy way to add defining character to a room.

thumb Introduction (Now Playing)

Get an overview of the steps involved when taking on a new crown molding installation.

thumb Creating Mockups

Learn the basic elements of design, including how to orient the crown and how to incorporate off the shelf profiles.

thumb Making the Jigs

Jigs save time and increase accuracy when installing crown molding. Learn to use cutting, coping, and marking jigs.

thumb Coping Inside Corners

Learn this time-tested method for coping that is faster and produces better results than simple mitered corners.

thumb Crown Molding Installation

Straight lines and tight joints are the hallmarks of a professional job. Learn professional techniques for a fast and seamless install.


Tucker Windover

Arlington, Massachusettes

Tucker Windover

Tucker started his association with wood as a furniture builder. Back then, it was all about using only hand tools to get the job done. That was probably an advantage because the little cabin he used as a shop in Vermont lacked any electricity. Eventually he powered up and now runs a finish-carpentry business in the Boston area. He also finds the time to contribute frequently to Fine Homebuilding. When Tucker needs a break, he grabs his fly rod and heads to Maine in search of rising trout.

In this video workshop on installing crown molding, Tucker begins by focusing on design. He shows off a range of crown molding profiles from the simplest -- a single-piece crown that is a common and easy to install -- to more elaborate profiles that combine four or five pieces into one. While we chose to install a more elaborate crown molding profile for this video workshop, the basic principles discussed can be applied to most crown molding installations.

You'll also see how to build and use simple-to-make jigs that not only save time but will increase the accuracy of your work, including a jig for marking the layout on the wall, for cutting the crown at the proper angel, and a jig for holding the piece while coping inside corner joints.

Show Your Work in the Gallery

GalleryHave you installed crown or cornice that you are especially proud of? Share your work and see what others are doing in our Readers’ Gallery. Upload pictures and tag them with "Crown molding".

Coping The Secret to Coping Crown Molding
Cut the crown at the same angle as the projection and the cope will fit every time.
Coping Moldings Coping Moldings
Whether you're working with flat or crown, achieve a professional-looking joint that stays airtight season after season.
Mastering Complex Crown Mastering Complex Crown Molding
A five-, six-, or seven-piece cornice adds sumptuous detail and elegance to a formal room.
Paint-Grade Interior Trim Paint-Grade Interior Trim
Choosing molding that looks good and finishes well takes more thought than it used to.
Crown-Molding Fundamentals Crown-Molding Fundamentals
Backing ripped from 2x4s and a well-planned installation scheme take a lot of the guesswork out of this challenging job.
Installing Crown Moldings Installing Crown Moldings
Careful layout and accurate miters make installing a two-part trim an easier process.
Crown Molding Around a Cathedral Ceiling Crown Molding Around a Cathedral Ceiling
Simple instructions to ensure that your molding will still match when it meets the corners of a vaulted ceiling.