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Tile a Shower< Introduction: Tile a Shower

(Playing on this page) Get an overview of a tile-shower project.

Tile Tools Essential Tile Tools

Whether you’re renting or buying, having the right tools is essential. In this video, Tom explains the basic tools you'll need.

Backer Board Install Backer Board

Learn how cut, fit it in place, make cutouts for plumbing fixtures, and effectively strengthen backer board around corners and shelves.

Shower Pan: Part 1 Install a Shower Pan: Part 1

Learn the first steps to installing a quality shower pan using the popular Kerdi membrane including tips on how to make water-tight corners.

Story Pole Use a Story Pole

Learn how to use the story pole to locate bench seats and shampoo nooks as well as avoid unsightly layout problems down the road.

Shower Pan: Part 2 Install a Shower Pan: Part 2

Learn how to complete the shower pan by applying the membrane and setting the drain-flange depth.

Subway Tile Install Subway Tile

Learn how to accurately set a ledger, make seamless inside corners, efficiently work with thinset, and cut subway tiles without a wetsaw.

Shampoo Niche Install a Shampoo Niche

Learn tricks for locating a niche, cutting the tile backer, building the sides and ensuring the base won’t collect water.

Build a Bench Build a Bench

Learn how to locate and install an out-of-the-box bench frame that’s ready to be tiled.

Glass Tile Install Glass Tile

Learn how to choose and apply a bonding material, layout and space glass tile as well as tricks on ensuring that every tile is set properly.

Liquid Membrane Apply a Liquid Membrane

Learn how to protect vulnerable areas by applying a waterproof seal called a liquid membrane.

Tom Meehan

Harwich, Massachusetts

Tom Meehan got his start laying tile by helping his father on weekends and has been installing tile for more than 40 years. Tom anTom Meehand his wife, Lane, operate Cape Cod Tileworks in Harwich, Mass., have four sons, and practice karate in their spare time. The Meehans cowrote Working with Tile (The Taunton Press, 2005).

Tiling a bathroom shower is a great tile project that can improve the look and usability of a bathroom's shower as well as increase the value of your home. In this Build Like a Pro video series you’ll learn the complete process of a tile shower installation from master tile setter Tom Meehan. Tom has over forty years experience setting tile in the trade and is an innovator in the field. This video series includes in-depth demonstrations on everything from installing cement backer board and installing a custom shower pan to using a story pole and setting glass tile. You’ll also learn how to creating a professional look by adding such features as shampoo niches, benches, shelves and glass tile accents.

After you’ve watched the video series and read the complementary tile article compiled by the editors at Fine Homebuilding Magazine you’ll be ready to begin designing and tiling a custom tile shower for your own home. .

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