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2705X1 Portable Tablesaw

Makita - 2705X1 Portable Tablesaw

$670.00 (As of 10/29/2009)

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User Reviews

We have had this saw for about 4 years. We do production finish carpentry for some large builders. In 2010 we trimmed out 130 homes with this saw. The Pro's of this saw are power and longevity. The con's are fence, and the sawdust builds up in the carriage pivot area. You have to blow out sawdust with an air gun to bevel the blade to 45 degrees. Another crew that does the same work as us just replaced a Dewalt after about 6 months of use. If they would build a table saw with the Makita motor and the Dewalt fence I would buy it in a second. This saw is beat up but will not die. Dosn't owe us a cent. Only reason for 4 stars is the fence and issue with bevel.