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1594K Power Planer

Bosch - 1594K Power Planer

The standard beveling fence on this Bosch planer is easy to set at various widths and angles

$170.00 (As of 9/1/2003)

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User Reviews

After a long run of successes with Bosch tools, I bought a 1594K without much research. Bad idea. The first time I used it, it made gouges in the work surface. I thought it might be my unfamiliarity with the tool, so to eliminate that possibility, I slapped a straightedge on the sole. I found one side of the front sole was over 1/16" higher on one side than the other (in relation to the rear sole). No adjustment is possible. This situation rendered the tool totally unusable for its intended purpose of making surfaces flat. So, I brought it back to the store (Coastal in Connecticut - they're the best). We tried 4 other new Bosch planers right out of the box.... same exact problem. We opened up the box for a Makita, put a straightedge on the sole and held it up to the light... it was perfectly aligned. I called Bosch to tell them my story. The rep said "We're sorry you had a problem with one of our tools." I asked him what was the exact meaning of the "quality control" signature on the papers in the box. He gave me a response best described as "evasive." They don't get it. I would have gladly paid more for a US, German or Swiss-made quality tool instead of a totally unusable Malaysian-made doorstop. Bosch lost more than the profit on one planer - they lost my loyalty.

Just testing the review process, folks. Someone wrote in that their comment didn't show up along with their star rating.


Brilliant tool. Whether your hanging doors oe squaring up timber its a brilliant tool. Well worth the money. Plus you have bosch's 3 year warranty you can't go wrong.