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DW052K Cordless Impact Driver

DeWalt - DW052K Cordless Impact Driver

This is a powerful cordless impact driver from DeWalt

$200.00 (As of 9/1/2003)

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User Reviews

Have dropped this tool from a roof twice in its lifetime so far. The first time I heard a thump as it landed in the grass from 2 stories. The second time it clattered onto concrete from about 14-16ft. Both times as I climbed down the ladder to retrieve it, I thought I would be making a trip to purchase a replacement at the hardware store. Both times I was wrong. It's a little workhorse.

I have the 18v version of this driver one disappointing thing about the dw056n is that the brushs are not replacable you have to buy a whole new motor thats why I'm giving it 4 stars. Other than that i drive thousands of screws everyday it is so comfortable to use compared to a cordless drill it doesn't twist your wrist atal. Well worth the money if you drive alot of screws.

After you use and own this tool, you will wonder how you got by without it. I usually don't buy cordless under 18V, but this one has plenty of torgue for plenty of drives. The kit comes with two batteries, and I found that keeping the other battery charged while working allows me to handle most jobs, since big bolts or many screws will kill the battery quick. The tool size and weight are nice, VS the bigger size and weight associated with those bigger battery packs. The rubber grips come in handy for tool use. I'm a DeWalt man, and just love this tool! As reviewed, speed control is an issue, but you learn to use quick bursts of the trigger as to not over-torgue. Take my word for it, buy one and YOU WILL NOT BE REMORSEFUL!

I have the new gun with the nano tech batteries...I find it faster and seems torquier than the xrp.... couldn't live with out it. I install plasmas and home a/v systems all day so having something reliable is a must, and this gun more than fits the bill. A must have for any tradesman/craftsman. Get the job done right the first time

Like a cell phone I don't know how we got by without it. If you can get past the noise you will love it. It is not a substitute for a cordless drill and in fact works best along side one. The first thing in the truck every time are the cases containing my impact driver and my XRP drill. Two batteries for each and two chargers and you are off to the races. As a note, I find the 14.4V version to be plenty and its not as heavy as the 18V and higher versions.