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Litheon PS40-2 Cordless Impact Driver

Bosch - Litheon PS40-2 Cordless Impact Driver

The Bosch Litheon PS40-2 is one of the smaller cordless impact drivers on the market but still has 60% more torque than an 18v drill/driver. It features a LED light ring for work in dark areas and an ergonomic soft grip handle

$169.99 (As of 7/1/2008)

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User Reviews

Mostly I do general carpentry, for which I use my DC825B (18V Dewalt Impact Driver) However the other day, while using 3" screws to install decking, I had an extra guy show up to help. I lent him my dewalt and grabble my little Bosch PS40 to see if it was up for the Job. To my surprise it actually drove the screws at a decent rate. Sure the dewalt would drive two screws to the bosch's one, but it allowed me to set each plank with a few screws while my friend would follow up after me. A few days later, back in the shop, I was again using my dewalt for a more detailed project but struggled to keep from over tighten screws. So I grabbed the little Bosch and it was perfect for light precision torque. I kicked myself for neglecting to choose it first. I would say... short of working on electronic hardware, there is no job too small for this drill and it's up for 3" screws if it must. My only criticism would be that you'll end up waiting a bit if your only cycling two batteries on the charger and using the drill constantly. If you're at all giving the drill a brake from time to time you'll be fine.

My go-to driver for most small projects. Battery life is good but not great. A very handy, small diver that I likely couldn't live without.

I was looking for something that would be able to replace my 18v driver in most situations expecially when building cabinets. For this I wanted the power of an 18v that would be lighter and smaller for fitting inside the cabinets. This has proven to be an excellent product for me. I would definitely purchase another.