Bosch - T4B Miter-Saw Stand - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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T4B Miter-Saw Stand

Bosch - T4B Miter-Saw Stand

This miter-saw stand from Bosch is easy to set up, and its medium-diameter pneumatic wheels make pulling it over rough terrain and up stairs easy

$269.00 (As of 9/1/2007)

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I did not have access to many miter saw stands for comparison; however I do own a Bosh 4100 table saw with a TS3000 folding stand that is similar to the T4B. I love it, it is small enough and solid, so when it came time to buy a miter saw stand, I choose the Bosh without hesitation. Portability is king, if I can’t get to a tool and set it up easily, it has a tendency to gather dust. I leave it folded up in the back of my garage and it still gets used a lot; setting it up and moving it around is a breeze, even for small projects, and just as important, putting it away is easy too. I’m very happy with the T4B.

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