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4000-09 Portable Tablesaw

Bosch - 4000-09 Portable Tablesaw

The electronic brake on this portable tablesaw from Bosch is a first-rate safety feature, and the blade guard is top-notch

$550.00 (As of 7/1/2005)

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User Reviews

I am a homebuilder, I agree with the previous contractor. If you use for ripping the motor dies within very few hours. I have had two motors die and I take good care of my equipment. One house = One motor. Very expensive to own I am going back to dewalt

The base could be a little more sturdy. This is a great little job saw. The power is not lacking, the fence adjustments are quick and accurate and the ability to make a 24" rip is a big plus.

I'm a remodeler and use this saw weekly. It's sturdy, stable and provides good cuts with a good blade. I was surprised to find that everything was square out of the box. The dial indicators were off a bit but I was able to test the saw with scrap and dial it in perfectly. The only problem I have with it is that it is fairly heavy. I work in older homes (1940 and before) and it's really a job to haul it up three flights of NARROW stairs. I've also had the issue of trying to get it through doors as mentioned in other reviews. The result: I bought a track saw for plywood cuts and I only use the table saw for ripping down finish stock. When I do on-site built-ins, I generally use the owner's garage or back porch and cut everything outside.

This is a great saw and I use it 2 or 3 times a week on remodeling projects that I do. My only problem with it is the width getting through the front or back doors of most houses. Because I do remodeling I rarely get 36" doorways or unfinished door openings. I need to turn the saw sideways to get it through a 32" opening and when you maybe alone it's a struggle.

I am a finnish carpenter who has had this tablesaw for 3 years now. It will put up with whatever I throw at it. The Bosch blade that comes with it, along with every other Bosch blade I have uesd are garbage, I would reccomend a Freud Diablo blade at least. Only real complaint is the dialing in I had to do in order to square up the motor and fence out of box.

We are a general contracting company that has had this saw for four years. It does not get used daily or even on a weekly basis but when it does get used, it gets used! It has experienced what I consider premature motor failure and Bosch admits they have problems with the motor. Sad that they cannot make a motor that lasts. When it works it is a great saw! I told the guys that the next one will be a Rigid and there were big moans. Google the Bosch table saw motor problems before you buy, then decide for yourself. By the way, the repair parts were about 27 dollars. That included the motor housing, bearing and rubber sleeve. They quoted me 60 dollars labor. I did it myself in about one hour and a half. Next time it will be a lot faster!

I am a general contractor/ remodeler. Throughout my career I have used stationary heavy duty table saws from Jet, Delta, Etc. and portable saws from Ryobi, Delta, Makita, Rigid, and now Bosch. The Bosch saw is a great mix of large power and convenient portability. I was pleasantly suprised to cut sheathing and 2x framing material with ease. The saw is powerful enough to go through 2x material with very little stain and stable enough to cut full sheet 3/4 inch plywood without tipping. Slightly heavy, the saw is still easy to handle with one person with the rolling stand, even loading and uynloading into a full size pick-up. The fence is a feature I really appreciate. It sets firm and doesn't have the problem lining up both ends parallel to the blade. With all the features of this saw I am "in love" with my table saw.