Makita - 2703 Portable Tablesaw - Fine Homebuilding Tool Review
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2703 Portable Tablesaw

Makita - 2703 Portable Tablesaw

With its folding stand (available separately from Rousseau), this portable tablesaw can rip a 4x4 in half in a single pass

$300.00 (As of 7/1/2005)

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User Reviews

I personally own this saw with the Rousseau set-up as pictured and I can't say enough about the power, durability and accuracy of the Makita job site saw. Before purchasing the saw, I used one extensively at Habitat For Humanity, where it was neglected and abused by volunteers i.e. tossed in the tool trailer, used with dull blades and generally used with little care. In spite of this the saw always performed beautifully when dropped into the stand and powered all day, either ripping or cross cutting. The electronic brake is a welcome safety feature especially when used with volunteers and the motor never heats up and rarely trips breakers, even when used with long extension cords (although I always use shortest 10 gauge cord when necessary. All things considered and cost not being one of them, I would opt for the SawStop job site table saw, with its safety feature of stopping the spinning blade within a split second of contact with soft, fleshy material (finger). 3rd choice would have to be the DeWalt, with its teflon base that provides a smooth cutting table and its powerful motor.

I have had this setup for about 3 years and love it. As a remodeling contractor, I need something portable, stable and reliable. My base unit folds and has removable wheels allowing movement on the job site as well as loading into my van. The wheels mount with the stand on edge making it a perfect fit while loaded in the truck. I have extension wings that are removable. One contains a router, the other is flat. Overall length of the table is six feet, great for jobsite asa work bench and handling of sheet goods when ripping or cross cutting. The saw has a 3 1/8" cut and stong motor for ripping 2 x 4s. I also have an outfeed table that is an additional 52" long. Sounds big but when broken down, it is very compact! Stores well in the shop too!!

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