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FDVL41 Autofeed Screw Gun

Muro - FDVL41 Autofeed Screw Gun

Unlike most other autofeed screw gun systems, the drive motor and autofeed unit on this model from Muro are inseparable

$379.00 (As of 3/1/2001)

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Editor's Review: Survey of Autofeed Screw Guns

review date: March 1, 2001

Unlike most other autofeed screw gun systems, the drive motor and autofeed unit on the Muro FDVL41 are inseparable. This solidly built, drum-fed autofeed screw gun handles a wide range of fasteners (1 in. to 3 in.). The adjustable-length extension handle attaches with the turn of a screw, but the handle has no trigger, which means the operator still has to bend over (at least occasionally) to screw off flooring. The location of the drum magazine behind the autofeed mechanism allows the tool to stand upright when set aside, but it also means the operator has to straddle the magazine during operation, making it awkward to walk.

The kit as tested included the FDVL41, an extension handle, two double-ended drive bits, and a soft-shell carrying case. Since our test, Muro has increased the speed of this tool from 2,400 rpm to 2,900 rpm. The improved tool is the Speed Driver FDVL.

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Editor Test Results:

Overall Rating N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Muro
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-665-6876
Weight 8 lb. 6 oz.
Dimensions N/A
Feed Style Coil
Collation Rope
Screws Per Strip/Coil 150
Screw Capacity 1 in. to 3 in.
Amps/RPMs 5 / 2,400