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Cabinets and Built-ins

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Build a Floating Vanity
Build a Floating VanityOnline Membership Required

A modern cherry cabinet supports a heavy counter while levitating above the bath floor

Surgical Kitchen Remodel
Surgical Kitchen RemodelOnline Membership Required

How to modernize a kitchen while preserving the components

Cutlery Cabinet
Cutlery Cabinet

How to Install Inset Cabinet Doors
How to Install Inset Cabinet Doors

Create the perfect fit by trimming one side at a time

A Built-In Corner Seating Nook
A Built-In Corner Seating NookOnline Membership Required

Plywood boxes assemble into an elegant, comfortable kitchen bench with storage

Comfortable Dining Nooks
Comfortable Dining Nooks

Once you settle on the location, focus on providing maximum comfort to the users

Installing Stock Cabinets
Installing Stock CabinetsOnline Membership Required

Master these pro techniques for hanging cabinets to achieve a flawless new kitchen

Bookcases Transform an Unused Wall
Bookcases Transform an Unused WallOnline Membership Required

A bedroom wall with two closets gets a boost in utility with custom cabinets

Cabinet Door Shoot-Out
Cabinet Door Shoot-OutOnline Membership Required

Mortise-and-tenon vs. cope-and-stick joinery: Experienced cabinetmakers share their preference

Getting Appliances to Fit: Part 2
Getting Appliances to Fit: Part 2Online Membership Required

Planning pays off with trouble-free installations

Vacuum-hose cabinet
Vacuum-hose cabinet

A hose for a central vacuum can be cumbersome to store. Here's a nifty solution.

Viewing 16 - 30 of 269 results