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Finish Carpentry

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Craftsman-Style Casing Craftsman-Style Casing Online Membership Required

Clean lines and balanced proportions are the key ingredients for this classic trim treatment

One-handed starter holes for screws
Tip: One-handed starter holes for screws

Fit New Sashes in Old Jambs
Fit New Sashes in Old Jambs

A primer on fitting plumb rails into crooked jambs

Modern techniques restore a historic house

There's no point in living in the past, so use these techniques to bring an old structure into the present

New Life for Old Double-Hung WindowsOnline Membership Required

With new weatherstripping, weights, pulleys, and ropes, you can improve performance without compromising historical authenticity

Trimming a Basement WindowOnline Membership Required

When walls are thick, you need wide extention jambs and a deep stool 

Wainscot for a WindowOnline Membership Required

A simple frame and panel with applied moldings gives an ordinary window an extraordinary appearance

New Window in an Old Wall

Five steps, four hours, one window, zero mess

Drywall DetailingOnline Membership Required

An alternative to wood trim around doors, windows and skylights

Double-Duty Router Bits
Video: Double-Duty Router Bits

Cope-and-stick router sets can do more than just cabinet doors

Installing Doors and Windows
Video: Installing Doors and Windows

Techniques for trouble-free installation

Viewing 1 - 11 of 11 results