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Insulation and Weatherizing

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Adequate Roof Venting
Q & A: Adequate Roof Venting

Blower-Door Test Record
Q & A: Blower-Door Test Record

The Complete Guide to Caulk
The Complete Guide to CaulkOnline Membership Required

Joint design and prep may matter even more than choosing the right product

All About Ice Dams
All About Ice Dams

It’s that dreaded time of year again when our worst insulation and air-sealing fears materialize as ice dams on our roofs. Learn how to prevent them.

Detailing Wall with Rigid Foam
Detailing Wall with Rigid FoamOnline Membership Required

Navigating the challenges of exterior insulation isn’t the nightmare you might think it is

Ice Dams
Ice Dams

Is Sheathing Structural?
Q & A: Is Sheathing Structural?

Air Sealing Basics
Air Sealing BasicsOnline Membership Required

Look high and low to find and plug air leaks that cost you money and comfort

Mineral Wool Makes a Comeback
Mineral Wool Makes a ComebackOnline Membership Required

This natural spun-stone insulation is enjoying a resurgence in popularity—and for good reason

Designing for Durability
Designing for DurabilityOnline Membership Required

An updated HUD guide demonstrates that a durable house is also a dry house

Q & A: Encapsulating framing in spray foam

Are Drainable Housewraps Enough?
Are Drainable Housewraps Enough?Online Membership Required

They’re a good start, but keeping your house dry and free of rot may require more than just drainage

Viewing 1 - 15 of 223 results