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Grinders and Polishers

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Grinders and Polishers Product Finder
Tool Test: Oscillating Multitools Tool Test: Oscillating Multitools Online Membership Required

Fein dominated the market for decades, but their patent has expired. With competitors on the move, just how do the new tools stack up?

Self-cooling grinder blade
Self-cooling grinder bladeOnline Membership Required

SpeedWave grinder blade

Replacement wrench for an angle grinderOnline Membership Required

Adjustable pin wrench

4-1/2-in. Angle GrindersOnline Membership Required

With the right wheel, this versatile tool can cut and shape wood, masonry, or metal

Angle-grinder dust collection
Tip: Angle-grinder dust collection

Job-Site Sharpening TipsOnline Membership Required

The right tools and a few easily made jigs will give you an edge on your chisels, your planes and your competition

Viewing 1 - 6 of 6 results