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Other Hand Tools

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Winbag Winbag
$20.00 Write a Review
Quick-Tatch seven-piece kit Quick-Tatch seven-piece kitTiling kit with an interchangeable handle system that's convenient to use and store
$40.00 Write a Review
10-2440 Fine Cut Pull Saw 10-2440 Fine Cut Pull SawTop-quality Japanese-style pull saws for woodworking can cost hundreds of dollars, but a more-than-adequate saw for doing trimwork and other carpentry projects can be had for about $20.
$20.00 Write a Review
Paintshaver Pro American International Tool - Paintshaver ProOutfitted with an aluminum head assembly and a three-blade cutterhead
(1 user review)
Short Handle Morter Hoe Bon Tool Co. - Short Handle Morter HoeThis short handled morter hoe from Bon Tool Co. has rounded corners allow clean scraping from the corners of a wheelbarrow or mortar pan and the length of the handle is just right for use without having to "choke up"
$29.00 Write a Review
Insul-Knife Insulation Knife Cepco Tool - Insul-Knife Insulation KnifeCepco Tools' Insul-Knife is designed specifically for cutting insulation, including sheet foam and fiberglass batts
$34.50 Write a Review
Bunny Plane Hand Planes Collins Tool - Bunny Plane Hand PlanesThese tiny planes are useful for fine-tuning miters or joints in long runs of base or crown molding
$140.00 Write a Review
Autoloading Multi-Bit Screwdriver Multibit Screwdriver Craftsman - Autoloading Multi-Bit Screwdriver Multibit ScrewdriverChanging bits on this multibit screwdriver from Craftsman is simple, fast, and reliable
$20.00 Write a Review
DWE315K Multitool DeWalt - DWE315K MultitoolVariable speed control with LED light
$150.00 Write a Review
Pocket Chisel FastCap - Pocket ChiselFastCap has designed a chisel with a multitool-style handle that folds together to protect the blade and keep it sharp while keeping your pockets intact
$20.00 Write a Review
Bit-Boy 373 Multibit Screwdriver Felo - Bit-Boy 373 Multibit ScrewdriverThe magnetic shank on this multibit screwdriver from Felo is removable and fits conveniently in a drill chuck
$16.00 Write a Review
Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Stud Finder Franklin Sensors Inc. - Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Stud FinderThe ProSensor 710 can display the full width of a hidden object—or multiple objects—the moment it’s placed on a surface.
(1 user review)
Radius 360 Drywall Pole Sander Full Circle International - Radius 360 Drywall Pole SanderThe Radius 360's 9-in.-dia., die-cast aluminum sanding head is difficult to flip over, and it covers a lot of area in a short time
$35.00 Write a Review
BP-605 Block Plane Groz Tools - BP-605 Block PlaneWith the cutter is set at an angle of 13 1/2° and is adjustable for depth of cut, Groz Tool's BP-605 is a small economically-priced block plane useful for working on end-grain and small scale chamfering and planing jobs
$30.00 Write a Review
35-908 7-in-1 Twist-a-Nut Multibit Screwdriver Ideal Industries - 35-908 7-in-1 Twist-a-Nut Multibit ScrewdriverThis screwdriver from Ideal Industries holds a pair of double-ended bits in a shaft that also serves as a double-ended nut driver
$11.00 Write a Review
Viewing 1 - 15 of 41 results