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Master Carpenter: How to Carve a Stair-Rail Easement

In this video series, master stairbuilders Richard and Ed Walston demonstrate how to plan, mock up, build, and finish a custom curve where a railing meets a newel post

Length: 4:06
Produced By: John Ross and Chuck Bickford

All Videos in This Series:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the Rough Shape  
  3. Finish the Profile  
  4. Bonus Interview


Stairs are one of the most challenging projects in a house, especially if they are curved. And though many of the stair parts can be store-bought, railings in particular require hand work on occasion. In this series, veteran stair builder Richard Walston and his son Ed will demonstrate their techniques for laying out, cutting and hand-carving a curved railing easement.

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