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Patio and screen porch

comments (10) May 27th, 2010 in Project Gallery
SpecRoubaix SpecRoubaix, member

The 1920s feel is in details like notching the rafters for the gutters.
Low brick pillars and cut joint pattern.
Sashes are varnished and ready for screens.
The look of really big tiles inside, and concrete with 90 years of wear on the outside.
Ahhh...Ready to work.
The 1920s feel is in details like notching the rafters for the gutters.Click To Enlarge

The 1920's feel is in details like notching the rafters for the gutters.

When it was time to replace our deck, I seized the opportunity to bring comfort and peace to our home by designing a patio and screen porch in the style of 1920's. In the twenties, the excesses of the Victorian style were all but gone, and the peace and prosperity of the time was reflected in the understated styles and craftsmanship of the many homes that now make up some of our most prized neighborhoods. 

My interpretation of the attitudes of that era includes details like putting a lip on concrete stair treads and patio edges, rather than the modern style of plain cube edges. Notching rafter tails to accept eaves troughs was a common detail in the twenties, as were frieze boards on gables, sloped window sills, mixed siding textures, and real wooden window grids.

These details, mature trees and other greenery, along with being close to the weather, make for a great place to work or enjoy the company of friends and family. 


Design or Plan used: My own design - Jennings Design
posted in: Project Gallery, deck, concrete, patio, floors, craftsman, home office, arts and crafts, bungalow, Screen Porch
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Comments (10)

mercerarchitecture mercerarchitecture writes: Very nice work, Bruce. Beautiful on the outside, livable on the inside.

rpcdesign: I'll come up to Blackhawk to work for you, and I'm in Fresno! Since you clearly have good taste, I'd be willing to make the drive.
Posted: 3:04 pm on June 4th

planmeister planmeister writes: Being a fine designer means being a good editor of what ideas work, & which ideas are best left for another project.

It appears that Jennings Design knows the secret of editing, in keeping the design fresh, but still appropriate to the existing home, & it's environment.

Excellent design, & construction Jennings Design!
Posted: 7:55 am on June 1st

SpecRoubaix SpecRoubaix writes: rpcdesign

If you were a little further north, I would refer you to a friend in San Rafael who happens to be a great designer. He's well renowned and in demand, though, so he probably won't want to travel to Blackhawk. You can contact me through my website - there is an active link above. Thanks!
Posted: 6:21 pm on May 30th

swellkell swellkell writes: Beautiful, and so cozy!
Posted: 12:39 pm on May 29th

rpcdesign rpcdesign writes: great porch bruce,

how do i get in touch with you.

i need a top notch designer such as yourself for
a major remodel we're planning on our 10,000 sf plus home
in blackhawk, california. it's in the eastbay of the san francisco bay area.

are you interested ?
Posted: 12:34 pm on May 29th

trishsil trishsil writes: Beautiful design, excellent execution! It looks classic but cozy.
Nice work!
Alliteration Specialist
Posted: 11:19 pm on May 28th

SpecRoubaix SpecRoubaix writes: NanchoVancho - I always have time for stalkers.
Posted: 8:47 pm on May 28th

NanchoVancho NanchoVancho writes: I have been following this designer for some time now, and I love this latest project. Such attention to detail! Are you booked this fall, Jennings Design?
Posted: 8:01 pm on May 28th

SpecRoubaix SpecRoubaix writes: TWx2 - Invited over? Probably, unless you're a psycho killer. If you are a psycho killer, you'll have to stay out side, on the patio only.
Posted: 6:13 pm on May 28th

TWx2 TWx2 writes: Love the porch- beautiful inside and out! Once inside, it has the most amazing calming peaceful affect. Can we be invited over?
Posted: 10:48 am on May 28th

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