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Calling All Tool Experts: Can you name this tool?

comments (4) December 6th, 2010 in Blogs
RYagid Rob Yagid , senior editor

Name this tool! The engravings read from top to bottom:
2 Door Center
1-3/4 Door of Case
1-3/8 Door to RoseClick To Enlarge

Name this tool! The engravings read from top to bottom:

2" Door Center

1-3/4" Door of Case

1-3/8" Door to Rose

Photo: John Wegner

The editorial staff received a letter this morning from longtime Fine Homebuilding reader, John Wegner. John found this old tool (pictured above) in his house when he bought it. He asked if the FHB team could identify the tool and tell him how it’s used. Well, none of us could offer him an answer, but we’re hoping one of you can. Can you name this tool and tell us how to use it?

If your response is thorough and accurate, we’ll consider it for publication in the Q&A department of the magazine.  Thanks for your help!

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Comments (4)

real2x4 real2x4 writes: oops typo door KNOB wrench
Posted: 3:37 pm on December 6th

real2x4 real2x4 writes: I used to call it a door know wrench. Matt said it all. I threw many of them away. One came with EVERY knob.
Posted: 3:31 pm on December 6th

TheTimberTailor TheTimberTailor writes: Seriously folks, it's a lockset installation tool. I have a number of similar tools saved from time spent installing commercial grade locksets. This type of tool typically comes with each of the higher quality grade locksets, often with a hex wrench or two for installing the hardware.

The pin on the left end (as seen in the photo) is used for depressing a pin or tab to release the knob and/or also the "rosette" trim. The bent "fingers" on either side of the main body are used in combination with the small pins on the sides of the "head" as a spanner wrench of sorts to rotate, on or off, the plates that secure the lockset to the faces of the door.

The dimensions are unfamiliar to me, but it looks as though they are for locating holes and hardware on the door slab. If you were to bump the bent fingers to the edge of the door, the arrows would indicate dimensions pertinent to the specific lockset the tool came with.

The tool in this photo appears to be flattened out. The ones I have have an offset handle which allows clearance to turn the wrench. And, just maybe, it makes a better bottle opener with the flat handle :-)

Posted: 2:31 pm on December 6th

TheTimberTailor TheTimberTailor writes: I thought everyone had one of these... its obviously a bottle opener, cleverly disguised so it doesn't look out of place in a workingman's toolbox. The tabs on either side are so those of either the left-handed or right-handed persuasion are well able to deftly flick the top off a bottle of their favorite beverage. All that writing is just part of the camouflage having nothing to do with the tool's purpose. Apparently its working as intended.

Posted: 2:01 pm on December 6th

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