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Flying Point

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Flying Point | Exterior
Flying Point | Interior
Flying Point | Exterior
Flying Point | Bedrooms
Flying Point | Exterior and Carport
Flying Point | ExteriorClick To Enlarge

Flying Point | Exterior

Photo: Trent Bell

The Context:

Rob and Fiona had enjoyed their spartan Maine cottage and Yankee existence, modestly living just a handful of feet from the water for many years. Then came Isla, and everything changed. The truth was that they weren't Yankees at all, but rather a Scot and an Englander, and with their new daughter came a realization that they wanted to live differently, perhaps more in alignment with their sensibilities and spirit than their roots. They sought a clean, modern, small and extremely energy efficient space, but were very aware of the tightly woven Freeport neighborhood in which they would continue to live for years to come.

The Response:

A gabled, modest porch alongside a timber-frame carport presents a welcoming entry towards the street, barely causing a blip in the local construction gossip.  Quickly, as you venture around a private corner, the simple compact form rises dramatically, expanding to inhale the ocean air. Huge windows peer down to the dock and keep the ol' blue cottage safely in sight… both for grounding and a sense of personal history. Just as importantly, the windows wrap the corners to drink in the sun without losing the westerly view of their cove. This 1,800 square foot, 3-bedroom, super-insulated home was awarded LEED Platinum Certification in 2011, and was built for under $200/sf. (The Yankee spirit lives on!)

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