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Arch Door Jam

comments (5) September 10th, 2009 in Project Gallery
MyCousinVinny MyCousinVinny, member

Wood Arched Door Jam
Kerf Relief
Custom Door
Wood Arched Door JamClick To Enlarge

Wood Arched Door Jam


This is some thing I wanted to make for a while but never had a customer for it. But finaly on day that customer came along and wanted it. The whole unit was made of popular. The doors were custom to match existing cabinets next to the unit. The jame was made in 3 Pieces, The 2 Raised panel jams and the Raised panel Arch. The asembley took a whole day to make it all work together, but it came together for a nice finished product. Looking forward to a stain grade one with no Kerfs............

Design or Plan used: My own design - Vincent C Pirrone
posted in: Project Gallery, architecture, finish carpentry, restorations, built-ins, doors, victorian, colonial
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Comments (5)

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Posted: 11:40 pm on May 9th

lea_ lea_ writes: hello !! i´m pablo from argentina,i do some woodworking too, every time that i see somthing like this i go wow!!! how is that done!! i´m new here and i really apreciate that you share this,thanks!!
Posted: 7:38 pm on May 25th

amscot amscot writes: Vinny—I am working on a similar project but with a passageway between kitchen and great room. I am using the Tudor arch for a basis of the design. Can you go into a bit more detail about how you finished the underside or jamb of the arch? I like the idea of kerfs but how did you fill it in? Also what size materials did you use? Half inch plywood?

Posted: 6:59 am on March 13th

MyCousinVinny MyCousinVinny writes: No Steam, I kerfed the Panel every 2 3/8" with a thin kerf Blade. Filled the kerf with Tite bond III, and ratchet clamped it in my jig to hold it till it dried. Then I sanded and sanded with a sanding block to match the radius to true up the curve. Since it was paint grade I could get away with the kerf's. When it was painted you could never tell.....
Posted: 10:21 pm on September 14th

linuxguymd linuxguymd writes: What a great project! did you steam the top assembly?
Posted: 1:26 pm on September 14th

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