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Concrete and Masonry

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Ultimate Deck Build 2015: Pouring and Finishing Concrete Slabs Video: Ultimate Deck Build 2015: Pouring and Finishing Concrete Slabs

Make a code-compliant landing for the stairs

Torture Test: Fiber-Cement Sawblades
Torture Test: Fiber-Cement SawbladesOnline Membership Required

We cut through the contenders to find the longest-lasting, most cost-effective blades

Dress Up Your Mailbox Column
Dress Up Your Mailbox ColumnOnline Membership Required

Build curb appeal with a pillar of landscape stone

Laying Concrete Pavers
Laying Concrete PaversOnline Membership Required

For a driveway, walk, or patio, get the base right, and the rest of the job is straightforward

Cantilevered Connection
Cantilevered Connection

A New Approach to Concrete
A New Approach to ConcreteOnline Membership Required

A glass-fiber-reinforced mix creates an elegant, lightweight vanity counter and sink

Tips for Laying a Better Walkway
Tips for Laying a Better WalkwayOnline Membership Required

Careful base prep is what keeps pavers in place

Getting the Right Concrete
Getting the Right ConcreteOnline Membership Required

Whether by bag or truckload, the right concrete can make the project, and the wrong concrete can ruin it.

A Concrete Paver Walkway
A Concrete Paver WalkwayOnline Membership Required

Whether for patios or walkways, base prep is what keeps pavers in place

Concrete: Summer vs. Winter Mixtures
Concrete: Summer vs. Winter MixturesOnline Membership Required

What's the Difference:Learn how different seasons require different techniques when working with concrete

Build a Sturdy Stone Sitting WallOnline Membership Required

Keep the look of a traditional dry-stack stone wall, but strengthen the core with mortar and finish with a bluestone cap

What's the Difference: Pavers
What's the Difference: Pavers

When deciding between permeable or impermeable pavers, consider the material’s cost, installation demands, and environmental impact

Setting a Keystone
Video: Setting a Keystone

Brendan Mostecki shares his techniques for adding a masonry keystone detail to a window

Inspecting a Chimney
Video: Inspecting a Chimney

An expert mason walks you through his diagnosis of a failing chimney 

Viewing 1 - 15 of 264 results