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Additional Kitchen Cabinet Sources

Sound buying advice and a listing of cabinet box, door, and drawer manufacturers

When husband-and-wife design/build partners Bill and Sarah Shideler remodeled their own kitchen, it was a lesson in both compromise and penny-pinching. One of the biggest money-savers, aside from their own sweat equity, was mail-order knock-down cabinets. Sarah has updated the list, most of which appeared in Sven Hanson's article Mix and Match: Mail Order Cabinets, and added additional sources you should know about as well. Along with ordering advice, she includes a list of cabinet box, door, and drawer suppliers.

To learn more about the Shideler kitchen remodel, read Thrifty Solutions for an Outdated Kitchen from Fine Homebuilding Issue # 190 (Oct/Nov 2007) pp. 54-57.

A note about buying componants

Some component manufacturers sell only to the trade. Others sell to both pros and non-pros, taking the retail/wholesale approach to pricing. But one rep at a company that sells only to cabinet shops said that "if you can sound like a cabinet shop, we'll sell to you." The important point is that you need to know what you want and how to ask for it at some of these shops. Other shops, such as Scherr's, welcome what they call "weekend wood warriors." Some companies will even apply finish to their products for an extra charge.


• 801-295-9417
• Knock-down (KD) cabinet boxes and drawers of laminated composites


• 970-241-7682
• KD cabinet boxes and drawers of laminated composites


• 888-321-8277 x12
• KD boxes, doors, and drawers of laminated composites


• 800-838-5841 
• Face-frame cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers


• 888-441-0537
• Doors and panels made of stainless steel over composites

Decore-ative Specialties

• 800-729-7255
• Doors and drawers

Heritage Finishes

• 905-271-9176
• Laser-cut door panels in wood,composites, and stainless steel

Hutchinson Products

• 800-847-0091
• Solid-wood doors


• 888-355-7361
• Solid-wood doors, face frames, and drawers

Porta Door

• 203-888-6191 
• Solid-wood doors, drawers, and face frames

Real Wood

• 800-835-8752
• Doors and moldings


• 701-839-3384 
• Cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers

Top Drawer

• 800-745-9540 
• Specialize in dovetailed drawers in standard and custom sizes

Valen Drawers

• 800-334-4825 
• Prefinished KD or fully assembled drawers in beech, birch plywood  or vinyl wrapped particleboard

Valley Custom Door

• 800-236-8981
• Doors, drawers, and moldings

Taxi Cabinets

• 386-795-0871
• Doors, drawers, and cabinets

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

• 800-279-4441 
• Doors and drawers


• 888-443-3461
• Doors and dovetailed drawers

From Fine Homebuilding190 , pp. 54-57
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